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Comment Re:Pilots... (Score 1) 449

Also, the onus would be upon the FAA (not just the FCC) to make sure every device in the world wouldn't hurt the avionics - a now impossible task when you consider the sheer magnitude of things that have batteries.

This argument appears every few months. It just doesn't make sense to risk a bad GPS airplane reading that leads to a collision so someone can play with their phone.

Comment Re:expanding on your words: (Score 1) 957

debates in which the person supposedly representing our voice is apologizing for us and accusing us of being extremists.

It's because of the worst kind of arrogant ignorance, you are extremists.

For whoever sees me as missing the humor, Poe's law is in effect. Regardless, there is a section of the republican party that is a joke


Paying Through Facebook May Become a Reality 122

SmartAboutThings writes "A recent story at the NY Times talks about a possible partnership between Facebook and mobile billing company Bango. 'You might want to buy a game or concert tickets or an astrological forecast. Careful where your fingers go. One tap, and a charge will show up on your phone bill. "Frictionless" payment is how Bango puts it. Bango will get a cut of each click; it declined to say how much.' Assuming this doesn't remain a rumor, then quite soon we might be able to pay for goods using our Facebook accounts. Could this help Facebook regain the lost trust for their investors?"

Comment Re:A much more accurate prediction (Score 2) 705

which will cause more people to raise more livestock for meat,

Expect to see the return and rise of the local family farm. If chickens cost $100 each, suddenly they will become very lucrative. Also, more less desirable meat cuts of an animal become marketable in one form or another. And let's not forget that the current more agrarian third world countries will see a boon in the export of their farm products including meat.

All of which leads to a stabilization of meat prices.

Comment One critical difference (Score 4, Informative) 362

Chic-Fil-A is a private company serving the interests of a private owner. Microsoft soft is a publicly held company which primarily exists to serve the interests of their shareholders.

The same sex marriage debate is divisive and there are strong beliefs on both sides. Does a public company exist to sell a product and provide a profit to its shareholders, or help enact social change even if it means the cost of business? Even if it hurts shareholders?

It simply does not make sense to take sides on a on a highly divisive social issue.

In Chic-Fil-A's case, Rahm Emmanuel shot his mouth off saying "Their values are not our values" and supported his alderman's postion to stop Chic--Fil-A from building a restaurant based on Chic Fil A's president stance on opposing same sex marriage. Which subsequently led to the anti-boycott and Chic-Fil-A's single biggest sales day in the history of the company Aug 1

Comment Re:Everything (Score 1) 412

Can you eat meat you buy from the store?

Both grass fed beef and free range chicken are available in many areas.

Can you flip on the light switch in your home and consume electricity?

Many electric companies are offering sustainable options, wind power is gaining prominence, and solar cell panels are reaching a price parity with liquid fossil fuels.

All these things show what can be done with consumer and society pressure. While the solutions are not perfect (e.g. cost) an increasing awareness is clearly apparent. The point of this story is that consumer electronics is a black hole that no one really cares about.

That said, there are mentions of supply chain problems in the trade publications, and there will be increasing public awareness in light of the recent problems with widespread electronic part counterfeiting.

There has been news stories about working conditions at the large manufacturer Foxconn.

So while electronics may be escaping scrutiny for the moment, awareness does lead to alternatives, if not change in order to remain competitive.

As a suggestion to somewhat mitigate these problems, a consumer can find information about some electronics (e.g. things made in South Korea and Taiwan might be a better choice might than China). Also, buying something used locally will partially displace the effects of a possible new purchase.

And finally, no matter what you think about current politics, write your representatives about these problems.

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