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Comment The big elephant in the room (Score 4, Interesting) 593

Sorry for being cynical, but they may be trying to take the eyes off an even worse number.

The major thing they left out of their diversity statistics is how many people are over the age of 40. It's pretty clear that ageism is pervasive in the tech sector - and the internet. Last time I mentioned this, there was a serious sneer response to my post saying that "old people" (i.e. people over 40) should be discriminated against, "because they have issues."

There you have it slashdot. You had better be looking over your shoulder! You aren't getting any younger!

Comment Worse than Dilithium crystals (Score 1) 55

Ever notice that original Star Trek for some reason never seemed to have enough or any Dilithium crystals on hand? Our space telescopes seem to have the same exact problem.

Solution, why couldn't these telescopes launch with a few more gyroscopes held in reserve so that when one fails, another one is ready to take its place?

Comment Re:Except, government ISN'T government (Score 1) 338

I love it when some utopian statist poses such a question - "should the government take over X for the benefit of all?" - as if government is a neutral, rational entity that has the best interest of the public at heart.

The very deep problem with your statement is that this is a binary proposition. Currently private companies are unable to offer an affordable and workable 100 Mbit solution. So deductively, that must mean that the other option of government taking over must be what is needed.

I know that such a thing is possible, because the South Koreans have it already - among others.

Comment Re:Kill it with MAGMA! (Score 1) 281

There are no easy answers, no low hanging fruit.

From an engineering standpoint, it is unacceptable considering that there are too many unknown "vectors." So much as the hole to the mantle is concerned, it doesn't make sense cost wise as the hole would cost more (far) than a traditional reprocessing means (whatever that may be).

This is one reason a huge amount has been spent on fusion energy and that incredibly exotic technology. Smaller reactors like Bill Gates travelling wave reactor are promising, but yet unproven technology.

Probably the way forward over huge monolithic reactors from the past - which can not be built unless government doles out money to them. Because the free market does not accept them on their own merits.

As you aptly said, no low hanging fruit that can be seen.

Comment Re:Oh please, Indeed. (Score 1) 331

Note how none if it is being done by "the invisible hand" but by actual government and industry backed efforts.

The large number of people who continually remain long term unemployed or dropping out of the workforce (and its subsequent shrinkage) indicates that this is simply not the case i.e. there are no meaningful government or industry efforts in this area.

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