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Comment Re:That's one heck of a very **BROAD** Patent ! (Score 5, Informative) 258

Haven't carried out a detail search on the said patent,

You won't be able to, either. The article states that due to age of the patent, the application is confidential.

Without seeing the application, it's difficult to tell what its validity is. But when this patent application was filed in 1971, electronic control of machinery was already quite widespread. So, it would have to be quite specific about its implementation. Then there is the question of making companies pay for something they knew nothing about.

In the end, congress would have the power to invalidate this patent outright, if they wanted to.

Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 794

Their cautiousness can also be prescient. Note that you won't find yellow #5 artificial coloring there, something that science is only now starting to recognize as unhealthy. So while some of the things that they sell don't make sense to a skeptic, the fact that they recognize that we have to be careful with what we eat is right on target.

Comment Re:STEM workers are smart and needed elsewhere (Score 1) 491

My casual observation is that many STEM workers are far too amenable with building the robots, programming the computers, and engineering solutions to replace other people, or themselves, or help train the cheaper worker to replace themselves or another worker.

So we are also seeing an increasing supply of labor coming from increased efficiencies, which is in complete contradiction to somehow expecting long term growth for their own products?

And then is the failure of this administration (or any one for that matter) to take on age discrimination head on.

Comment Re:The difference in the two numbers ... (Score 1) 491

And it goes deeper. The so called smart "superstars" that someone might want to hire are smart enough to recognize how hollow of a promise STEM trades have become esp. programming might be and are moving to take up a trade instead. I see this everywhere. Because at least that is not going to be outsourced, or you won't lose your job because you turn 35.

I recommend that every would be programmer do this. You'll enjoy coding more for an open source project in your spare time. And then eventually companies will be forced to lie in the bed they are making for themselves, and it will not be comfortable. They can go ahead and move all their managers and the rest of their shebang overseas. We won't miss them.


FBI Has Tor Mail's Entire Email Database 195

An anonymous reader writes "Tor Mail was an anonymized email service run over Tor. It was operated by a company called Freedom Hosting, which was shut down by the FBI last August. The owner was arrested for 'enabling child porn,' and the Tor Mail servers suddenly began hosting FBI malware that attempted to de-anonymize users. Now, Wired reports on a new court filing which indicates that the FBI was also able to grab Tor Mail's entire email database. 'The filings show the FBI built its case in part by executing a search warrant on a Gmail account used by the counterfeiters, where they found that orders for forged cards were being sent to a TorMail e-mail account: "" Acting on that lead in September, the FBI obtained a search warrant for the TorMail account, and then accessed it from the bureau's own copy of "data and information from the TorMail e-mail server, including the content of TorMail e-mail accounts," according to the complaint (PDF) sworn out by U.S. Postal Inspector Eric Malecki.'"

Comment Not really by a mile (Score 1, Flamebait) 162

The political consequences will last for years. Coming soon: the doctor shortages.

Spoken like a true TeaParty ideologue. While the initial rollout of was an unmitigated mess, the recovery will in time be recognized as one of the greatest tech successes. The initial design goal was for the website to be able to accommodate 50,000 simultaneous visitors. On Monday December 23rd the website was supporting 83,000 concurrent users. About 2 million people have enrolled into healthcare plans, 1.1 million through Quite a substantial number from those six people that enrolled the first day!

Regardless of what you think of the individual mandate or health care reform, that is a remarkable tech turn around - taking millions of lines of pre-alpha code in October to production status by the end of the year. Here is a short video interview with New Relic, one of the companies behind the turnaround.

For all the bad politics our government might have, do not underestimate its propensity to solve a technical problem.

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