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Comment Re:You're Probably Right But ... (Score 1) 1425

How do you approach any person? By trying to understand who they are, and making your points from a perspective that they know and understand.

This Jesus character had some very intelligent things to say. It's worth learning, and even impressing your fundamentalist neighbours with, if you can pull off a few quotes.

If you find that trying to understand Christians is distasteful, then I put it to you that your reaction is emotional, not rational. Treat it like a science experiment, if you want. The aim is to try and discover methods and practices which make for a more congenial fundamentalist neighbour. It's possible, especially if the religion has a love and acceptance factor built into it.

Comment Re:Not required, just recommended (Score 1) 129

In Australia, we have this lovely organisation called ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority). They have a program called AISI (Australian Internet Security Initiative) which sends reports to many Australian ISPs, notifying them of any detected infections. I assume they get their data from honeypots and such, although according to the linked ZDNet article, they're set to receive data from Symantec, McAfee, and other security companies.

So that's how ISPs can determine infected hosts without inspecting traffic.

Comment Re:3 possible explanations, so why accuse? (Score 1) 360

Actually, there is a third option. The benchmark in question contains dead code; it does not return any values, and does not alter any global variables. The Microsoft vm may have just detected this, and skipped the dead code loop.

The real fix in this case is to alter the benchmark code, and make it do something more significant. In fact, if you read the article, that's how the engineer deduces that something is wrong; by adding a "return" to the function, and observing the change in benchmark times.

Of course, it could also be that Microsoft are cheating, or are incompetent, but there are other options than those two.

Comment Re:Well there's another side to that (Score 1) 617

Not everything should be CLI based, but all administration programs should definitely be.

A good administrator should have the ability to do simple script work. This means that a good administrator would need something CLI based. They don't have to be a programmer as such, but doing simple script work is essential to efficient administration.

I'm all fine for GUIs to exist for admin use. They have their use, as you've outlined. I just require a CLI ability as well.

Comment Re:big deal (Score 3, Funny) 254

"[Malcolm Turnbull] has to explain to Australian families that he is prepared to do nothing about blocking access to those sites"

I am outraged that Stephen Conroy knows about these child pornography websites, and apparently has not reported it to police. It is the police that can organise to shut these websites down, since they are illegal in every country that I know of.

I can only assume that Stephen Conroy wants these websites kept available, to push his agenda of a compulsory internet filter. If I were of a conspiratorial persuasion, I may even secretly believe that Stephen Conroy had a hand in creating some of these websites. Now wouldn't that be a sensational news article.

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