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Comment Re:Low average payment so far (Score 4, Insightful) 553

Well, the Windows group has always been the lowest average in Humble Bundles. The Linux group, and to a lesser extent, the Mac group, have always pushed the bundle average up. So, the results aren't much of a surprise.

I can't imagine the effort of porting all those games to other platforms. Give 'em a year, and it could probably be done. I'm sure THQ couldn't wait that long, though.

Comment Re:I'm one of the people who's pretty angry... (Score 2) 553

Your anger is somewhat justifiable. This sets a precedent. Now, other game publishers, who may want to use Humble Bundle, will not feel the need to put in an effort to make their games cross-platform.

Having said that, I'm grateful to Humble Bundle for pushing their cross-platform philosophy as much as they did. It's efforts like that which provide the initial step in generating a flood of games supporting Linux. I'll keep on supporting them, in future bundles, when they once more release cross platform bundles. I genuinely believe they've pushed Linux gaming to the next level, and have greatly influenced developers on the potential of Linux gaming. This will bear fruit soon.

Comment Re:Better get used to it, THQ (Score 1) 281

Over the years I've been running Linux, the only time I've ever had driver availability issues with Linux has been with one brand new wireless card. It now works fine. Otherwise, driver availability has been perfect in my experience.

  An anecdote: one time, one of the FreeBSD guys here at work gave up in frustration trying to get FreeBSD working on an IBM server. He was having scsi card driver issues. He had to install Linux instead. It just worked under Linux.

  Usually when people talk about shitty driver support in Linux, they're referring to graphics drivers. I wish they'd just say "graphics drivers", instead of implying that the whole Linux driver system is abysmal. Linux drivers are top notch. The graphics drivers are not even part of the kernel. They're part of the Xwindows system. They're still excellent, except when it comes to 3D acceleration and power saving, and then, only with ATI and Nvidia. The proprietary drivers still have the edge there.

Comment Re:Yet another YOTLD estimate (Score 4, Insightful) 363

I hear ya. I responded with Debian to the distro question, which I was hopeful was close enough to Ubuntu that they'd sneak me in.

The funny thing is, according to the beta announcement, "An overwhelming majority of beta applicants have reported they’re running the Ubuntu distro of Linux". I have to wonder how many of those people are actually running other distributions and said Ubuntu, and how many didn't even bother signing up, because it was widely known that Valve were targeting Ubuntu for the beta.

Comment Re:Why I will never use E17. (Score 1) 117

That was quite the stream-of-consciousness post. Nice work. I think I even understood most of it.

By the way, to change your theme, download a new theme file, copy it to ~/.e/e/themes/, go to Settings->Theme and select it. Theme change is instant.

I'm running E17, on Debian Testing (proper). With a new theme. I'm happy with it.

Comment Re:Dump X (Score 1) 358

That ... is awesome news! Thanks for that information. I hadn't heard anything about it.

The X compatibility layer will still be useful regardless, but I'm very glad to hear that Wayland will likely have network transparency as well. The more I hear about this system, the more I'm liking it.

Comment Re:Dump X (Score 2) 358

I agree that we need to come up with a brand new system to handle today's graphics systems. That's what Wayland is for, and why it's such an interesting project. It is not legacy baggage, but a ground up designed system. You have heard of it, haven't you? Seems like every Linux user and their dog knows about it these days.

Also, I'm very glad that Wayland is implementing an X compatibility layer. I'm one of those fraction of a percent that use and enjoy network transparency. It would annoy the hell out of me if I had to run a full graphic system on the servers I manage, and then use VNC to connect to them. It's just so much nicer to ssh into the machine, run the program, and have it appear directly on my screen. Never mind that I like keeping a minimal amount of packages installed on the servers. I try to keep it simple.

By the way, if we have the memory, computational power, and bandwidth, why are you so worried about X overhead and latency? Surely they become marginal with more resources.

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