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Submission + - Starwars Galxies Set to Close (

djowatts writes: "A great darkness is set to consume part of the Star Wars universe in late 2011.

Sony has announced that its Star Wars Galaxies online game will be shut down on 15 December.

The news was broken in e-mails sent to players and via messages posted on the game's support forums and website.

Sony said the closure had come about because its contract to run the Star Wars game runs out in 2012, not because of declining player numbers."

Comment Re:Vibram Fivefingers shoes (Score 0) 257

Yes! Let me order nature shoe with fingers five that i can make me closer feeling to barefoot that all i need to do is just click of a mouse. Fun by all had when purchase made of famous nature shoe that buy everyone does. Advert on shoe doing for sporting is out of place on website where it slashdot, specifically nerds, sport is activity done regular and need shoe that nature brings! Seriously, what is with all these stupid spam adverts? Slashdot security is getting really lax recently!

Comment Summary is Incorrect (Score 1) 254

If you actually read the article, you will see that .NET isn't being dropped. It is proposed that there will be three ways to develop, first with the native C++ using and updated form of the Win32 API, .NET development, with some access to this variation on Win32 and a combination of HTML5 and Javascript. Nowhere does it say that .NET is being dropped.

Comment Re:N9? (Score 1) 211

I'll Tell you why I did it. I have a HTC HD2, and that came as default with WinMo 6.5, which, although steady, is a pile of waste IMO. So I rooted it and installed android as a second on my SD card. I have to boot into WinMo to run the bootable android, but my phone is hardly ever off, so that is rare.

Comment Re:So they are ignored... (Score 1) 432

You post a comment regarding your loathe of Sexism, yet state the women should 'Show the men how it's done!' That to me miss, sounds like a sexist remark in itself, and from the tone of your post, it was not in a jovial manner. Are you insinuating that women are somehow superior to men? Now I am all for equality, but one thing I do hate is superiority on either side. It is people like you, making comments like that give femenists a bad name. Maybe if these types of femenists would just shut up and let the rational equality femenists do their job more progress would be made to true equality. As far as the games go, and I am currently doing a degree in Games Design & Development, I would like to point out that exactly 99% of the games I have played and/or studied do not have the Grok Men or Almost naked women you speak of. If the game is like say... Gears of War... You can expect to have some heavily built men in there, and simalrly, if the game is something like Final Fantasy or Devil May Cry, you are bound to have some sort of scantily clad woman, even if it is not human. To sum up though, you have stated that the minority of games are the majority. you have to look at the theme of a game, and if that kind of character fits, then that kind of character will be there. Final Point - Dont like a game, Simply don't buy it. There are plenty of alternatives that are void of the things that irk you!

Comment Security Professionals (Score 1) 248

These tools that people use for hacking can also be used by security professionals to test the security of the network. I assume that most security companies do use them, and so these governments pushing this through the EU will have to put all of their security contractors in jail. Hackers will have a field day then, and WikiLeaks will have more information than it knows what to do with!

Comment Re:Methinks it be the script-kiddies (Score 2) 213

I don't think you can draw a comparison between the safetey of a private residence, and the security of a corporations network. Put lightly, If a theif manages to break into your home, it is likely he will only get away with either one arge item (Such as your 40" TV) or maybe pockets full of Jewellry and whatever cash they stumble upon. In comparison, if a hacker can break into the network of a corporation, that means customer data and other valuable information (possibly trade secrets etc.) could be compromised. Another comparison to draw is that items in your home are likely to be secured by insurance, but if this data gets out there then there is no insurance.

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