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Comment Re:That's Everyone (Score 2, Interesting) 376

DHCP option 82 will contain the MAC address of the cable modem as inserted by the CMTS. This is checked before IP address allocation is done, and is verified by the DHCP server (this is how they identify subscribers).

The DHCP servers will be synced with NTP.

I'm not saying it will stand up to "any scrutiny" but most cable operators are already putting this information in to a reporting database and can query who had what IP address and when with a one-line SQL statement. They may have to preserve this data longer that they are now. In your example assuming the DHCP client is well behaving (not always) then the IP address will be given up by the client on RELEASE. The issue is that most clients never RELEASE an IP address - the server ends up timing it out, and you hope the client plays nice. This is why most DHCP servers are handing out IP addresses in a least-recently-used manner so that you reduce the likelihood of conflicts and also the likelihood of an IP address being handed out again right after it was used like in your example.

Anyway, it isn't an exact science, but my guess is that in 99%+ of the cases they know exactly who was using an IP address and when and can automate the retrieval.

Comment Re:CDMwhat? (Score 1) 170

So, to me, CDMA is as obsolete as AMPS, which was shut down in 2000.

CDMA is still being actively deployed today. CDMA has over 200 million mobile subscribers worldwide. CDMA was first to market with 3G by several years. If you think it is "as obsolete as AMPS" you are an idiot.

Sure people are migrating to LTE from CDMA. They are also migrating to LTE from UMTS.

Comment Re:CDMA, seriously? (Score 4, Insightful) 170

There are two ways to go from CDMA to LTE, which is where everyone is going.

One is to obsolete your CDMA/EVDO network and deploy GSM/HSPA which has a direct upgrade path to LTE and provides inter-network mobility. This is what Telus and Bell did because they are running comparatively tiny networks.

The other is to move your CDMA/EVDO gear to CDMA/eHRPD and then deploy LTE with mobility between CDMA and LTE. This is what Sprint (modulo WiMAX as a step in there) and Verizon are doing, because their networks and number of deployed devices are an order of magnitude larger and deploying a GSM/UMTS network a year before switching to LTE is not viable.

I'm Canadian too, but it isn't like we have some sort of technical superiority or that Bell and Telus know something that Verizon and Sprint don't.

Comment Re:Horse puckey (Score 1) 411

Oh sure, why not:

1. There isn't any proof of this, only conjecture. And even if this was the case, so what? Other than smug satisfaction for people like yourself does it matter?

2. Wow, the military underreported civilian casualties. Shocking.

3. Soldiers have been taking souvenirs from the bodies of enemy combatants since forever. If you didn't think this was going on you are impossibly naive.

4. The CIA operating in Afghanistan? And directing military operations there? This was news in what, the early 80s?

5. Sure, the military has been saying that the Taliban capabilities are on the rise. That is why more soldiers have been getting killed and we've deployed more forces in Afghanistan. Oh wait, the US military has actually been claiming the exact opposite!

Go back to reading Chomsky and spitting at your computer monitor though, I know cognitive dissonance is difficult to take.

Comment Re:What went wrong? (Score 4, Insightful) 162

Do you remember the internet around that time?

Do You?

Yahoo was an index, not a search engine. Altavista (not Astalavista, we're not trying to find warez) was the best / most popular actual search engine became the provider of search results to Yahoo as early as 1996 - Yahoo was not in the search engine business they were in the portal / media business.

Altavista was popular because of its minimalist interface, and because their crawler was fast and indexed much more of the web than anyone else had at the time. What Google did was come along and provide the minimalist interface, crawled as much or more of the web but on top of that it gave results what were much much more relevant than Altavista, AskJeeves, etc. There was absolutely a market for a better search engine at the time and Google seized it, which is why they became so dominant so quickly - it was hardly "slightly better" - it was way way better.

Comment Re:What about WoW Armory (Score 1) 833

Are you being deliberately obtuse while you whiteknight Blizzard in here? It isn't just the guild recruitment forum - typically recruitment officers also post in the realm forums to recruit on-server as well. You need to reveal your character as a contact for recruitment (or it will be obvious who it is - my guild has used the same 2 officers for recruitment for the last 2 years). Then there are posts for support where you need to reveal your character/realm in order for them to assist you with an in-game problem. In other words there are plenty of reasons to divulge your character name on the forums but absolutely no reason to divulge your real name.

The Blizzard forums are mostly trash, not so much for the trolling as for the lowest-common-denominator for 3M North American players. They have a bunch of options for cleaning them up:
- Allow people to see your other characters when you post, which will get rid of the "level 1 troll alt" problem
- Start moderating the forums more severely ... get more people involved, start handing out warnings/bans more quickly
- Reduce the number of forums

The answer to their problems with the forums are probably all of the above. Instead this RealID nonsense is going to cause nobody to ever post on their forums again. They will become a wasteland as people migrate to fansite-hosted forums in larger and larger numbers. I play WoW with people who have been playing for 3+ years and the opinion as we discussed it tonight was unanimous - nobody will ever post on Blizzard forums again after this is implemented. This entire idea is so idiotic it is beyond comprehension as to why they decided to do it.

Comment Re:4G? (Score 1) 283

You are both wrong on multiple accounts.

1. Bell and Telus have been running "3G" before their recent network changes. EV-DO is the CDMA 3G data standard and Bell and Telus have been shipping phones that support it for a long time.

2. Bell and Telus have installed an HSPA 3G network, yes, but they have not "switched over their whole network away from CDMA". They're still running and growing the CDMA network and will be for years.The HSPA network is there for several reasons, including as a means to transition to LTE.

3. Rogers had no serious plans to deploy LTE in Vancouver. What devices would they have been using exactly?

Comment Re:My First Computer (Score 1) 383

Pretty much. In the early 1990s I worked in a lab doing video training and computer-based training. We used an Amiga A3000 with Video Toaster for doing video production and similar vintage Mac IIs (IIci/IIcx/IIfx) for literally everything else. By that point in time the Mac kicked the stuffing out of the Amiga for doing everything but the video production, and don't get me started on how much better of an OS System 7 was as compared to AmigaOS.

Comment Re:Tehran can build a nuclear bomb. (Score 1) 630

Actually, that is, shall we say, a "gross oversimplification". Briefly: the formation of modern Israel in '48 was at best a rather high-handed move by the UN, and even by the UN's standards, Israel has been a rogue state since it's 1967 land-grab. Beating up on Lebanon periodically has not done much to improve it's reputation, either. Few people have kind words to say for Hezbollah, but it's hard to get from there to a justification for Israel's recent actions in Gaza (e.g. using banned weaponry on civilian populations).

Wow, talk about a gross oversimplification. The Israel that was 'formed' by the UN partition agreement in 1947 was much smaller than what exists today. What happened in 1947/1948 was a civil war between the Israeli and Arab populations in Palestine followed by a full on war between Israel and Egypt/Jordan/Syria/Iraq/Saudi after the British mandate in Palestine ended. The current borders of Israel are the result of a war that Israels neighbors started and lost in 1948.

Calling the 1967 war a "land grab" is a bit of a joke too. Do you seriously think there was not provocation for that invasion? What's your excuse for 1973?

Finally I'll note that White Phosphorous is not "illegal".

Comment Re:It has a story? (Score 1) 259

After you've explored a world once it gets really fucking boring treading back and forth, and you're wasting real world time that could be spent on other games

You do realize that WoW has put in city portals, a 30-min CD on hearthstones, summoning stones at instances and given Warlocks what effectively amount to portable summoning stones. Right? Or is this a rant about WoW from 3 years ago?

Most WoW'ers I suspect have really awful gaming tastes..... If you're used to single player RPG's of yesteryear it breaks all the conventions and sticks in maddening things like extended travel time (instead of town portal like in say diablo 1+2 another blizzard game).

I played the single player RPGs of yesteryear in to the ground and I loved many of them. Besides your extended travel time canard do you have anything else to add besides insulting the game taste of 11 million people with one broad stroke?

Comment Re:LTE is coming - and it will smoke HSPA (And AT& (Score 1) 141

You're overhyping. I don't really care to dig up all the links to prove that you're exaggerating everything, but let's just try one...

"Yes its a huge forklift upgrade from CDMA to GSM/LTE for Verizon - but it is already well under way."

Just wrong. VzW is going to continue to run EV-DO and will run an overlay LTE network for data. Voice will stay on CDMA for the forseeable future. VzW is not upgrading anything to GSM.

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