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Submission + - Google Sues The US For Only Considering Microsoft (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Late last week, Google sued the US government for putting out a Request For Quotation for the messaging needs of the Department of the Interior that specified only Microsoft solutions would be considered. Google apparently had spent plenty of time talking to DOI officials to understand their needs and make sure they had a solution ready to go — and were promised that there wasn't a deal already in place with Microsoft... and then the RFQ came out. Google protested, but the protest was dismissed, with the claim that Google was "not an interested party."

Comment Re:Flash drives, tarballs, &c. (Score 1) 440

Good question. It seems to me that a "firewall" in the normal sense of the thing that allows connections only on particular ports using particular protocols will not protect against such infections, but I got the impression from the article that the author was using the term more loosely than that. His example of the SQL Slammer suggests this, because presumably it arrives through acceptable firewall (in the strict sense) doors...

Comment Mostly (Score 5, Insightful) 279

I can agree with all of this except the "backed by a major vendor" part, which seems superfluous... Design is all about maintaining a coherent vision of the end product, whereas hammering a tin shed on the side of the Taj Mahal is always a bad idea, particularly for maintainability and robustness. What isn't clear to me is why I need a vendor to supply my vision when I've already had years of education and experience...

Comment Russian Tradition? (Score 4, Insightful) 213

The "Russian tradition of building secret towns?" Towns like Oak Ridge, TN, or Los Alamos, NM, or Hanford, WA, maybe? Explain again how this project is doomed to fail as a government effort to make a technological leap. On the contrary, our own experience is great success doing this sort of thing. Nor is this an American peculiarity--the Germans very successfully built an entire town at Peenemunde to develop and construct V-2 rockets. In fact, here in America we capitalized on this success by moving its authors, notably Werner von Braun, to Huntsville, AL where we created yet another failed government experiment to land men on the moon...

I'm thinking that people should read a bit less Ayn Rand science fiction and a bit more actual history.

Hardware Hacking

Home-Built Turing Machine 123

stronghawk writes "The creator of the Nickel-O-Matic is back at it and has now built a Turing Machine from a Parallax Propeller chip-based controller, motors, a dry-erase marker and a non-infinite supply of shiny 35mm leader film. From his FAQ: 'While thinking about Turing machines I found that no one had ever actually built one, at least not one that looked like Turing's original concept (if someone does know of one, please let me know). There have been a few other physical Turing machines like the Logo of Doom, but none were immediately recognizable as Turing machines. As I am always looking for a new challenge, I set out to build what you see here.'"

Submission + - It's no longer Anarchy in the UK it's ANIME in UK! (www.uk-anime.nethttp)

Mike C writes: "As a huge Otaku (refers to an anime fan — sometimes a slightly derranged and obsessive collector of asian toys and nick nacks + (deep breath) square eyed watcher of hundred episode japanese animated fight scenes! ...phew!), I thought it'd be good for all the rest of us out there to know that the UK has a hugely resurgent Anime Scene right now! I have always loved the technically amazing stories, such as Ghost In The Shell and Bubblegum Crisis and even Robotech and Gundam from wayyyy back in the 80's. But after a small spat of interest in the early 90's anime all but died out over here. Thankfully though, some great companies have helped to revive it. Awesome and amazing releases pumped out from Japan (Final Fantasy for example) and the resultant merge with the gaming culture mean it's back, and back with a vengance! I run an anime company over here called Kamika-Z and we have spent the last three years touring around the country to an ever increasing number of events. It's really good to see this happening, as if you go back a few years, there was not even a small Con over here, now we boast one of the largest Anime and Gaming events in Europe, which takes place twice a year in London (London Expo). So if you are a fan of Samurai Swords, Cyborgs, Epic Stories, Insane Technology and Awesome Art — then maybe you can join us — and help bring this amazing culture into the mainstream! Motoko would be proud!"

Submission + - Intel to Launch Core i3 & i5 Lines at CES (pcmag.com)

adeelarshad82 writes: Intel will officially launch the Core i3 and Core i5 product lines at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. In total, Intel will launch 17 new processors at CES. With the addition of three chipsets and various wireless components, 27 new products will launch at CES, Stephen Smith, vice president and director of PC clients and enabling, said at a press conference. Although the Core i3 and i5 products contain hyperthreading, or the ability to run more than one thread per core (in both cases, two threads per core) only the i5 contains what Intel calls turbo boost, which dynamically overclocks the clock speed if permitted.

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