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Comment Re:F2P a Misnomer? (Score 1) 62

See, that's the thing. In WoW, you can go "Oh look, this set of raid dungeons is 'end game'. In 4.2 (the content patch out next week) this other set of raid dungeons is 'end game'."

For a long time, CoX didn't have an end game, per se. Yes, there were certain types of mobs you really didn't fight until you were in the last couple levels of content, but by and large, they weren't horribly different from previous types of mobs. (The exception probably being some of the Malta Groups mobs.)

Now, and this is a fairly recent thing, there are 'end game' missions and raids which you either cannot even start until you are level 50 (the level cap), or that you cannot even start until you are level 50 and have acquired initial Incarnate abilities (the alternate advancement system).

Comment Re:I'd become a supervillain (Score 1) 419

That's a good point, but it's not like there aren't a ton of super-villains running around in spandex either (Spider-Man movies notwithstanding). At least some of the heroes have some color coordination. Then you have villains like Electro, the Trapster, or the Wizard who have.... um... incredibly garish costumes.

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