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Comment A missing circle... (Score 2) 126

And that's "Accreditation hell". Where policy prevents you from fielding systems that aren't certified to certain levels of robustness / security, but management hasn't (or won't) budget the time or money to actually secure a system.

"Just stand it up now", they say. "We'll put the security money in next year's budget."

Of course, it doesn't show up in next year's budget, and pretty soon, you're the next Sony (in the getting hacked repeatedly sense).

Comment Re:This will help you feel safe... (Score 1) 241

It makes me feel like my friends are being forcibly outed. It makes me feel like they're being attacked for having unusual names. It makes me feel like they're being attacked for using the name I knew them by because that name is kind of unusual and doesn't show up on their driver's license.

Do you think maybe you're taking it a little personally? I mean really, whatever the pluses or minuses or this, it may be a ridiculous bureaucracy or a bit of a hassle or just no fun but Google really aren't 'attacking' your friends for having unusual names.

Can we get some insight into why the above was modded down? Does anyone disagree that Omnifarious' feeling that his friends are being attacked is completely ridiculous?

Comment Re:Play favorites? I believe it (Score 1) 323

Actually, it can. Certainly not at all temperatures and pressures, but it is usable for a range of them. Which we had learned in the physics classes.

Or here, if you need a link (not from my school, but still valid):

We were, as I recall, in the area where the percentage of error was in the .1% range.

Comment Re:Play favorites? I believe it (Score 2) 323

I've seen worse, though not in Lit.

At Carolina, the Engineering program had a professor who, one semester, failed -everyone- ...except for the guy who was from the exact same part of India that he was.

Everyone there tromped down to the Dean's office and showed him the facts. They all got regraded, and the prof was not retained.

But worse than that was the Thermodynamics prof who graded entirely on the curve. As in, the Bell Curve.

The first test was six definitions and one problem involving steam. All but one person in the class used the Ideal Gas Law to solve it. And he marked us all wrong, because -he- hadn't taught us the Ideal Gas Law yet. (Never mind that you had to have two semesters of Physics to take Thermo...)

So that first test the class average was a 34 (the one guy pulled it up that high), with a standard deviation of around 17... so the 30s that most of us got was a... C.

Second test, the class average was a 92 with a standard deviation of around 19. So my 100 was a... C.

The final, the class average was a 100. There was no standard deviation. So my 100 was a... C.

Needless to say, a lot of pissed off people in that class.

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