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Comment what we need is "firewalls" in front of big guns. (Score 1) 909

And by firewalls, I mean secretaries, or at least someone to check and occasionally massage quite abrasive and personalizing correspondence. It's very simple: Linus was right. He had reason to be pissed. But Cox is important. ANYONE who knows who Cox is would have looked at Linus's letter and saw immediately that it needed some small changes, if nothing else to let Cox save face.

The problem is made even worse by drugs that leave important academic users super-focused (not saying Linus is on any) -- the more clearly you see "idiocy" the more important it is to have a firewall take out words like that.

Actually, Linus's e-mail includes the word "idiotic" explicitly.

I doubt what I'm saying will have many takers around here, but posting at +2 in case anyone has any interesting responses for me.

Comment Re:Free NOT EQUAL TO freedom (Score 5, Funny) 367

>The term 'free' is an unfortunate consequence of there being no more specific word in English.

That might have been true 25 years ago, but today you can just call it "freedom software".

(with the added bonus that if it's not freedom software it's terrorist software -- a pretty good description of the crap a convicted monopolist pushes).

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