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Submission + - Google may shut down its Chinese operations (

Soruk writes: Google is considering its position after a sophisticated hack from within China penetrated their systems there, seemingly in an teempt to attack their Gmail platform. According to a blog post referenced by the BBC article, the attackers were specifically after the details of Chinese human rights activists.

Comment Re:That'd make the new company simply... Orabile! (Score 1) 74

3 is not an MVNO. They may have recently set up a network sharing agreement with T-Mobile, but that doesn't make them a virtual network. The basic idea is that all existing T-Mobile 3G towers now transmit both T-Mobile and 3 identifiers, and same goes for the existing 3 ones.

However, their network is a bit patchy, but their data plans aren't too bad - but watch their out-of-bundle rates of 10p/MB on contract or £1/MB on PAYG.

Compare to Orange's "mobile broadband" offering where their bundles might not be quite as generous but out-of-bundle is 1.5p/MB.


Submission + - AMD R6xx Image Quality Analyzed (

Steve Kerrison writes: "The most recent graphics chips to come off of AMD and Nvidia's production lines have added performance boosts and support for DirectX 10. But what about image quality? Beyond3D looks at the image quality features of the R6xx family of GPUs, where AMD has been adding a few tricks:

What follows is our look at AMD R6-series image quality as it stands, and it's one that focuses on the AA down-filter more than anything else. It's where AMD have changed the game the most, introducing forward-looking custom filters...


Submission + - Google Geek's Famous Photos (

kiracatgirl writes: Here's a fun story about a relatively unknown Google employee and his hobby — taking photographs of himself with famous visitors to Google's headquarters. His gallery is posted on the walls at Google HQ, but is also available for our viewing pleasure at his online photo album.

Submission + - Pitt, Bell Lab Researchers Create New Matter Type

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Bell Labs created a new type of matter which has the properties of lasers and high-grade electrical conductors. This new matter type, called a polariton superfluid, allows the creators to move energy much more efficiently in a super-conductor type setting. However, this has the possibility of being used at room temperature, while previous superconductor designs have needed to be cooled to -280 to -400 degrees Fahrenheit.

SCO Chairman Fights to Ban Open Wireless Networks 343

cachedout writes "SCO's Ralph Yarro had the floor yesterday at the Utah Technology Commission meeting in front of Utah lawmakers. Yarro proposed that free wireless sites and subscribers should be held responsible should any porn be delivered to minors because hotspots are apparently where kids go to watch porn all day long. Yarro told lawmakers that open wireless access points should be made a crime because we have an Internet out of control."

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