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Comment Re:Sen. Lieberman (DINOSAUR-CT) (Score 1) 269

Any Republicans who voted for him have no right to call themselves Republicans, IMO. Admittedly, my own party would probably label me as a heretic, but I don't mind (I'm registered as Republican)!

IMO, the Republican party lost its way about 20-30 years ago and has been slowly getting worse. It's no longer conservative in any way, and many of its members are now pushing religious fundamentalism under the guise of "family values", and totalitarianism masquerading as "security".

Whatever happens with the Democrats, I think it's time for a Conservative party to form and rise up out of the ashes.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 528

I know that. However, it would be more efficient if the "working directory" could be dynamically updated when I (or a script) used the "cd" command.

I don't use a Mac regularly, so I don't know if its terminal handles the right escape codes, I'd be shocked if it didn't. Plain stock xterm has been doing this pretty much forever.

The sequence is ^[]0;string^G
(where ^[ is Escape and ^G is the bell character)
You can use that in your PS1 variable to automatically update the title every time you get a prompt. Or, depending on your shell, you can get fancy with it.

Here's some magic from my .zshrc file:

function title() {
        a=$(print -Pn "%40<...<$a" | tr -d "\n")
        case $TERM in
                print -Pn "\e]0;$a @ $2\a"
                print -Pn "\ek$a\e\\" ;;
                print -Pn "\e]0;$a @ $2\a" ;;

case $TERM in
                function precmd() {
                        title "zsh" "%m(%55<...<%~)"

                function preexec() {
                        title "$1" "%m(%35<...<%~)"
                } ;;

A little complicated, but it keeps my xterm title set to "command @ hostname(dir)". The %55() is just zsh magic to abbreviate where necessary.

If I'm in a screen session, it also updates the name of the screen window ("tab") to the command.

Here's an excerpt from my .screenrc that keeps things rolling when I change active windows inside of screen:

termcapinfo xterm* 'hs:ts=\E]0;:fs=\007:ds=\E]0;\007'
defhstatus "screen ^E (^Et) | $USER@^EH"

Comment Re:... and that sucks (Score 1) 206

If you have something using ZFS today, you can export the pool, install Nexenta, and reimport, being back up in minutes.

Maybe. (Open)Solaris is a bit pickier about wanting ZFS vdevs to be inside of GPT partitions. FreeBSD is layered on top of their GEOM subsystem, so it lets you put a ZFS vdev on just about anything. If it's inside of a bsdlabel partition, Solaris may not be able to find it to import the pool.

It may very well work. Just be sure to have a good backup just in case :)

Comment Re:To much reinvention (Score 1) 257

[quote]Of those you listed, the only one that does crc checksumming at every transition level is ZFS.. Store it on raidz2 and never suffer from bit-rot...[/quote]

Just remember to run zpool scrub every once in a while to correct any bit errors. It's theoretically possible for them to build up over time and render blocks unreadable if you don't periodically scan and correct.

Comment Re:Ellison (Score 3, Insightful) 251

Also, high end Oracle databases typically run on either Linux for distributed (cheap) clusters, or HP-UX/Solaris on high end hardware for big monolithic installations. Oracle already has their own Linux distribution that they push pretty hard, and once they buy Sun they'll own a major commercial UNIX player, too.

Oracle has traditionally been buddy buddy with HP, but since the announcement of the Sun deal, they've started giving them the cold shoulder. While I doubt they'd drop HP-UX support entirely (there would be outrage), I can certainly see them doing things to try to push people onto Solaris or Oracle Linux, on Sun hardware, and wrapping everything up as a neat package deal.

Comment Re:You could do this in COH too, actually (Score 1) 203

No, you can't. The WoW PTR is only active when there's a new patch that they're testing.

The City of Heroes test server by contrast is available all the time (except during closed betas, which isn't very often). Arena PvP traditionally takes places on the test server, because it's the easiest way for people on different servers to compete against each other since there's no cross-server PvP (yet).

Comment Re:Courier, Arial, Times New Roman (Score 1) 378

Actually, yes, Arial is free. Microsoft gave it away under a freeware-style license, and while MS themselves no longer distributes it, the EULA allows for re-distribution so there are still a lot of sites that host it.

See http://www.microsoft.com/typography/faq/faq8.htm
or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_fonts_for_the_Web

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