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Comment Re:Was the gun legally obtained? (Score 1) 2987

I see a lot of posts in here about banning guns. They are far more controlled where I live (Canada), but rest assured shootings that happen in Canada are always with black-market guns. It's not the people who legally purchase and register firearms doing these things, it's those who obtain them illegally.

You may argue that making guns harder to get, like here, reduces this kind of thing. That may be correct. But no matter what, people can get anything, and they will, if sufficiently demented, do something bad.

What's the answer to that?

There is no answer to that. The lesser of two evils is less people with guns and I'm fine with that since there will never be a better option.

Comment Re:It's not so cold. (Score 1) 230

No kidding - I've experienced -52 C (it was closer to -60 C with the wind chill.) That's pretty cold.

Yes, definitely. At around -50, the batteries in your discman stop delivering a charge and your headphone cables get really stiff. Happened to me walking to work some years ago, it was worth a few laughs with the coworkers, since the cold weather is an inside joke where I'm from.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 92

It's Friday, my day, my way or the highway,
Can't wait to get off work so I'm letting my mind spray.
Stuck here in my chair on some last minute shit,
Debuggin' the fuckin' program till those breakpoints get hit.
Go home, pop the beer, spark the la like rastafari,
Relaxin' on the couch and watch the time just fly by.
Get a call from work, they say the shit done turn real,
Log into my machine, oh how shitty this must feel.

Comment Re:Let them go. (Score 1) 1163

What I found especially amusing was the tea-tard messages claiming people would high-tail it to Canada if Obama got re-elected. Yeah, the country next door with single-payer health insurance, decent social security, more gun regulation, etc.

Go. Go to Canada.

-- BMO

Actually, don't come here. I'd prefer the people who wanted to hightail it because of Bush. Mexico is a lot closer, and warmer.

Comment Re:For "sloppy coding"? Definitely! (Score 1) 550

No, they don't.

Prove it. I'm basing this assumption on the fact that most people want to ensure they have food on their plates. Not doing your job ensures the opposite.

Because if they did, they are in a perfect position to enforce their rules: you just don't write down a single semicolon and the software doesn't run at all. It's up to the developer when exactly to write down said semicolon.

Whether or not you want to do the best you can at your job has no bearing on how much influence one has over the project they work on. It's variables such as tight deadlines, insufficient requirements, feature creep, incompetent management, power outages, sickness, turnover, etc. that can completely derail developers. Come back and argue your point when you figure out a way for developers to completely control all of these variables.

Comment Re:For "sloppy coding"? Definitely! (Score 1) 550

Except you fail to consider the fact that many managers expect unrealistic deadlines from developers, leaving them no choice but to take the quick and easy way out. I'd say that most developers want to create the best code they can, but contraints on timelines, requirements, and feature creep often work against this ideal situation. Do you really want to be sued because of an incompetent manager?

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