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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 405

I overclocked my N900 back when I was using it and the speed increase was noticeable. The apps ran faster and the screen was more responsive to touch. However, the increased voltages to the CPU totally killed my reception and made it nearly impossible to use it as an actual phone. I would imagine other smartphones would have similar issues with the components so close together. Tablets, on the other hand, would not have this issue, so in this case, overclock to your heart's content!

Submission + - How to get non-developers to send meaningful bug r 2

DemonGenius writes: I'm in the midst of a major rollout of one of our primary internal applications at work and we have a beta version available for all the staff to use. The problem here is most of the staff don't know how to send reports meaningful enough to get us devs started on solving their problems without constant back and forth correspondence that wastes both developer time and theirs. Some common examples are: screenshots of the YSOD that don't include the page URL, scaled screenshots that are unreadable, the complaint that wants to be a bug report but is still just a complaint, etc. FYI, from the user's perspective they just send an email, but that email registers in our tracking system. Any thoughts on how to get the non-devs sending us descriptive and/or meaningful reports? Does anyone here have an efficient and user-friendly bug tracking system/policy/standard at their workplace and how does it work?

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 627

I don't think anyone is pushing the idea that tablets can fulfill every need of every computer user. I'm not sure what you are responding to.

You're exactly right, no one is pushing that idea. However, the fact that this is posted on Slashdot (where a disproportionate number of users are software developers, engineers, and other professions that require high powered computing) kinda implies that some of us can replace our desktops with a tablet. We know we can't and never will (unless the conditions laid out by the GP are satisfied), so this is just another one of those articles that are completely irrelevant to this demographic. What's next, links to Cosmopolitan articles?

Comment Re:Dead -- to nerds (Score 4, Insightful) 204

I'm a nerd, but I also like to get meaningful work done without having to tweak a UI everyday. Up until Ubuntu 10.10 I had the benefit of an attractive AND functional desktop, heck, I even finally perfected my ideal desktop configuration with 10.10, even with warming up to the stupid-application-buttons-on-the-left-side-of-the-title-bar-because-we-want-to-be-like-Apple. However, as much as I like change, the kind of change that prevents me from effectively using my main computer exactly the way I want will drive me away. They could have at least had the courtesy to make the new UI into a separate DE that can be selected at the login screen, but apparently that was too much to ask... bastards. This is why I've switched to Mint and will not look back until the Mint team gets on the idiot UI bandwagon.

Comment Re:Mosquitoes will go the way of the dinosaur! (Score 1) 521

We wouldn't have had the chance to. It's not like we had machine guns and RPGs back then. Heck, we weren't even what you'd call human back then. The only way to survive as a large animal was to be able to take on or successfully run away from huge vicious dinosaurs and as far as we know, there weren't any large enough mammals on Earth to do so until the dinosaurs pretty much died out. The only mammals that had a chance were those small enough to not be noticed by your friendly neighborhood Allosaurus.

Comment Re:Wrong. (Score 1) 757

If "Lisias" had any intention of listening to facts, I highly doubt he/she would be ranting about how harmful marijuana is. Let's face it, the media and anti-drug people have turned this issue into something that resembles religion way more than it does science. In what other "discipline" do people blatantly ignore rock hard solid facts, especially when they prove their beliefs wrong? It's a shame that our society has to suffer like this because most people are too stupid and voluntarily ignorant to think critically and make sound, logical decisions.

Comment Re:No, they haven't (Score 1) 378

The reason why civilization and technology exists is because we humans above all other species are proficient at altering our environment to our advantage. For most geeks, it's obvious that we can't compete with the so-called "alpha male" in most cases, so the social environment in which they exist is not advantageous to us getting our pick of women. However, what if we were able to manipulate an environment in which we are proficient at to get what we want? What if we were actually able to use skills unique to us and apply those to a different kind of problem than what we're used to? What if we can simply ignore the stigma we're branded with and use the energy we would have spent being frustrated and use that for self-improvement? I know much of the time us geeks are given a hard time, and many of us are down on our luck unfairly, but it never ceases to amaze me how many of us refuse to actually use our brains effectively and to our direct benefit.

Comment Re:As a switcher and a switcher. (Score 1) 1880

This is another reason why I switched over, but I only fully realized why I should have once I started playing around with Linux partitions. It's amazing how quickly you can reinstall when you have / and /home on separate partitions! There are other partitioning schemes one can play around with, but simply keeping a separate /home partition has enabled me to seamlessly swich distros and keep most if not all of my user settings.

Comment Maybe you're not a developer? (Score 1) 516

Just because you know how to do something really well doesn't mean that it was meant to be your career. If software development is the only thing you are good at, then you probably have a lot more problems than not liking your job. It definitely isn't your passion if you're willing to let a bunch of pointy haired bosses make you think less of your profession. If it's for the sake of peace of mind and personal fulfillment, it might be worth it to take a pay cut to do something more meaningful to you. And there's certainly nothing wrong with being happier in life either, whatever you choose to do.

Comment Re:Great idea, but I worry about the implementatio (Score 1) 266

Ubuntu's gain in popularity probably had a lot more to do with the fact that it bundled proprietary software, non-free drivers, etc. by default, since it was basically Debian with different themes in the beginning.


I think Mint and Ubuntu are gaining popularity in very much the same way. JMHO. And yes, a large and healthy ecosystem is a very good thing!

Comment Re:Great idea, but I worry about the implementatio (Score 1) 266

Canonical wasn't listening to the Linux users of the time when it started. It recruited a new group of users and created its own niches. My guess is you started with Canonical

Actually no, I didn't start with Ubuntu. Nice attempt to make yourself sound intelligent with a sweeping generalization, although you really do come off as elitist. When I said "listen to users" I meant that they addressed the issues that prevented most people from doing day to day tasks on a Linux distro with minimal hassle. I like tweaking an OS and using the command line as much as the next guy, but when I've got stuff to do, I like to get it done quickly and only focus on the task at hand. I like being able to install an OS on any random desktop or laptop and have most of the important bits reasonably work. I've played around with Ubuntu for quite a while, but only switched my main OS to that when I felt it was reliable enough (8.04) to use it for that purpose. Before that, I've played with Mandrake, and even used Suse through part of university until playing around with Ubuntu.

Love it or hate it, there's a reason why Ubuntu is still on the top spot. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it, and you definitely don't have to condescend anyone who does. And as much as I hate Unity, I definitely won't insult anyone who chooses to use it, especially if it works for them. Those insults are better left to the companies and developers that alienate their main userbase.

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