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Comment Self funding research (Score 1) 204

"The intercepted correspondence included employee usernames and passwords, sensitive security information about the configuration of corporate network architecture that would be useful to hackers, affidavits and other documents related to litigation in which the companies were embroiled, and trade secrets, such as contracts for business transactions."

I wondered how they could pay for their research in this era of vastly reduced funding - it's self funding!

Comment Re:Supersonic [Speeds] (Score 1) 30

"While determining supersonic speed requires not being in a vacuum, once you know what speed supersonic-speed is, can it not be used as a measuring stick for comparison?"

Supersonic means faster than the speed of sound referenced to a specific medium at specific conditions, and that varies wildly depending on the medium, say air or steel, and on the temperature, pressure, and state of the medium. Perhaps astro-physicists use "supersonic" in some specialized sense, but it looks to me as if the author used it as a synonym for "very fast" much as "healthy" is used in place of "large" or "big".

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