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Comment Just time-based? Really? (Score 1) 348

If the ideal solution has lighting vary with the amount of traffic, perhaps the highways should be an integrated system with wires sensing traffic and sensors measuring ambient light so as to produce a target amount of illumination, mostly regardless of the time of day. And if the lights are cut from 100% to 50% in a single step, it's going to be a little startling for anyone on the road. Hopefully they'll design a system intelligent enough to reduce the power gradually.

Comment Blackberry 9780 / net connection wildly uneven (Score 1) 396

As a phone, it's fine.

As a smartphone, it's not fine at all -- the net connection can be awesome one minute, and non-existent the next. The good news is that the battery that initially required recharging daily is now up to lasting two days, which I can live with.

This is on a three year contract with another two years to run. I'll probably get an Android phone when this contract expires, but who knows what the marketplace will look like by then.

Comment Water, some nuclear and wind (Score 1) 498

There are hydroelectric dams at Niagara, nuclear plants in Pickering, and windmills here and there, so my power comes from a variety of sources.

I also have a smart meter ( which means that I'm careful to schedule my heavy usage (dishwasher, washer and dryer) on the off-peak times.


Submission + - Open Document Standards Mandatory in Hungary (

jrepin writes: "Hungary's public administrations will by default use open document standards for their electronic documents, as of April this year, the government ministers agreed on 23 December, and all public organisations are encouraged to move to open source office tools. Hungary's government also in December decided to cancel the funding of proprietary office suite licences for all schools."

Submission + - No IPv6 Doomsday In 2012 (

itwbennett writes: "Yes IPv4 addresses are runing out, but a Y2K-style disaster/frenzy won't be coming in 2012. Instead, businesses are likely to spend the coming year preparing to upgrade to IPv6, experts say. Of course there's a chance that panic will ensue when Europe's RIPE hands out its last IPv4 addresses this summer, but 'most [businesses] understand that they can live without having to make any major investments immediately,' said IDC analyst Nav Chander. Plus, it won't be until 2013 that North America will run out of IPv4 addresses and there's no sense getting worked up before then."

Submission + - Kindle Fire Now runs Android 4.0 (

FTiwana writes: "Kindle Fire is now a days very a popular tablet due to its lesser cost and all tablet acquired features. The demand of the tablet has raised its reputation in market and marketers, and forced them to consider Amazon kindle fire option as their first priority. Since the tablet costs you $199 rather then other tablets costing you at least $350, its a good option to take its consideration for the buyers. The tablet already runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The good news for the users who like to hack it to run Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) as the developers have managed to get a very earlier version of Android 4.0 to Kindle fire. Though its not bug free and a pre-release according to them, but still for those anticipated guys who want to run 4.0 to their kindle tablet its a big news for them."

Comment September 1 is where the year starts (Score 1) 219

I consider September first to be the beginning of the year -- summer's lazy days are over, and now it's cooler and time to buckle down and get back to work.

That's not to day I don't enjoy the official New Year's Day when we start a new year, but it's a week after Christmas; some people are still celebrating that holiday by eating, drinking, vacationing, doing mad purchasing and so forth. From a weather point of view (in Toronto, anyway), December 31 still pretty much feels like January 1.


Submission + - Verizon adds $2 charge for paying your bill online ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: With 2012 about to start, it seems Verizon has decided paying your bill online or over the phone is now worthy of an extra charge. So, from January 15, anyone choosing to pay their monthly bill using either method will incur a $2 charge.

Verizon is classing the charge as a “convenience fee” which translates into them deciding allowing you to pay either online or over the phone is a convenience. They also explain in the FAQ above that the fee allows them, “to continue to support these bill payment options.” Really, Verizon? When did offering online payments or accepting phone calls from customers get so much more expensive?

Submission + - SPAM: When Santa gets it wrong, Odelay gets it right'

OdelayUK writes: "Stuck with a pile of unwanted Christmas gifts? Last year’s unwanted gifts totalled a staggering £650 million however this year, Odelay, the UK’s newest online marketplace, may provide the answer to what to do with that pile and help spread the joy of Christmas further.

Odelay, is a free online, friend-based UK classified ads site and marketplace for people to sell, buy and swap consumer goods. co-founded by Heath Kane and Jordan Hammond. The site, similar to Ebay, but without any added costs, allows customers to upload products for others to purchase or swap.

Until the end of January, all customers will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple iPad2 when they post a free ad on the site. The more items posted the greater your chances of winning.

The co-founders have created a new site allowing you to also relive the joy of ‘swapshop’ as well as selling, especially for those Xmas ‘leftovers’ with a simple festive message — ‘don’t sack Santa, just think of Odelay as your little helper. It's free to list, free to sell, no time limits and no hidden catches’.
The site allows buyers to search by price and distance to find the ideal treat. It is also easy to share classified ads with friends through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ creating a fun, reliable and trusted trading circle – a place to find, sell and share happiness.

Odelay will be developing in the next few months to bring thousands of items online, encouraging users to spread their happiness further by donating to charities.

Odelay is quick to becoming the new interactive and social way to shop. No more need to feel deflated about your unwanted or wasted gifts –for a quick swap go to Odelay."

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Submission + - Wikipedia to dump GoDaddy over SOPA. (

jampola writes: "So it's not only imgur (amongst many others) who are giving GoDaddy the flick, it also appears Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikimedia will also be making the change — [url][\url] — Whilst unsure to what effect Wikimedia utilizes the services of GoDaddy, I imagine this could very well be another public blow for GoDaddy in the wrong direction over their descision to support the SOPA."

Comment Re:It's a waste of time (Score 1) 473

I signed up for OKCupid in November of last year. Getting back into the dating game was quite weird after two failed marriages.

Yep, I met a few duds, but I also met some very attractive, very intelligent, sexy women. I met my girlfriend of six months on the site -- I think she contacted me first, but I'm not sure.

Here's the key: BE YOURSELF.

[] Offer an honest portrait of yourself.
[] Upload pictures where people can get a good look at you (so, duh, no sunglasses, no pictures of scenery with you a little splotch in the far left corner). They should be recent, and they should show you enjoying yourself. They could be conversation starters.
[] If you find someone fascinating, drop them a line; if they respond, great. If they don't, move on.
[] If the conversation remains at the 'small talk' level, it's your option, but I'd say move on.
[] A neutral location is a great place to meet for the first time. I like Starbucks because they have nice chairs, a variety of nice drinks and they don't hustle you out the door after ten minutes. Chat. Did I mention BE YOURSELF?
[] If you both discover that you've been talking for 45 minutes, that's good. If you're struggling to keep the conversation alive after five minutes, that's good -- it's not happening. Move on.
[] I took two women to shoot pool because it's something I enjoy. They both had a blast. Don't try to manufacture some 'event'; do something fun, something you want to do.

And no, I'm not some twenty-something living in his Mom's basement. I own my house, and I finished university thirty years ago.

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