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Comment PC pirates will move to rooted game consoles (Score 2) 383

This is what the ignorant executives at software games companies don't understand. They can't really sympathize with those that pirate. They can't get in their heads. As "PC games" are reduced it will only motivate those sorts of people to move to rooted consoles. By rooted console I mean hacked to the point it's connected up to a PC for all it's input and output. Games will still be distributed over the internet and pirated. Nothing short of eliminating all existing computer network technology will prevent that.

The pity here is that the PC is the Superior game platform. So when PC version of a game is put up on the net there is little motivation or want for the console version of the game. But as the PC games disappear consoles become the new focus for pirates. Pirates are techies. The harder something is to do the more pride and status you get from doing it.

The weakest link to DRM is the internet. It only takes only one person to hack into a locked platform and then they share that information with everyone.

The Solution: The only strategy that will actually work is putting crackers on the payroll. As it is now they can't approach a company like Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft because of the "digital" IP laws these companies have pushed. It looks too much like extortion. But in truth that is the solution, to turn the resources and talent of the internet to your favor. Getting the crackers to fix the hardware and software themselves.

How you come up with an appropriate reward amount has to be open for negotiation. The companies and the crackers must be free to call each others negotiation bluffs without repercussions for the crackers. If the cracker won't accept a specific amount of money then he must be able to release details of his crack. The company can then handle the repercussions and then fix the crack themselves. The cracks are not kept secret, they are actually fixed. There is motivation to fix them. And the free market then decides what is fair compensation.

There then becomes an industry of "professionals" (even more motivated and talented) to not only develop security measures but to defeat them. They actually get a cut of the action. The current crackers doing it as a hobby then have no chance because if they had the ability they would be working for a professional cracking company or have their own.

In essence the problem doesn't actually exist. The entertainment companies are greedy and just don't want to pay that percentage. So they bully people through law suits and create laws that inhibit free speech and the free market economics. They would rather give the percentages to lawyers and politicians.

Comment Again, how does this matter? (Score 1) 204

So they withdrew public support and will become private supporters.

The only support that matters to senators is private and the most important to them... money.

The only think that I can think of that might work is an organized group that publicized what politicians supported and stopped a him from being reelected but in a way that they could take credit. A politicians would listen to them then.

In this modern era what I would most want to see is direct democracy. We don't really need senators or representatives except superficially. What would be great is a mixed private vote and a delegated representative(s). That way on certain issues you care about you could directly vote. Maybe even set up a hierarchy of who controls your vote.

Comment What does a $10 registration mean? (Score 2) 197

Losing these a handful of big websites doesn't cost Godaddy more than $100 a year. The negative publicity affects them much worse.

I think what is really needed is to get all the big name companies together and sponsor research into an alternative to DNS that can't be touched by any government and you can't sue for trademark infringement. Perhaps some combination of public key encryption and p2p. Then webpages the world over could provide links to the public key to search for. Instead of being able to directly go to a website you would need to go through (gasp) a search engine, then forever hence your web browser could find the site. Perhaps the public keys could even be encoded in those newfangled 2d bar codes.

Comment Re:Here is how to do it. (Score 1) 848

His company doesn't have to use it and it doesn't need to compensate him for it. He should have requisitioned the company to contract the creation of the software, outlining what it would do and how valuable it would be. How it would make/save them money. Writing the requisition is part of the job. Then suggest the name of someone that could do the work at a reasonable price. This is where it's nice to have a good friend. You can have him pass the work off and give him a small percentage.

He is not in any position to do anything else. He will move on to another company later. Better to give the company your code and get acknowledged in writing or to make the code more applicable to other businesses and open source the code. If the software is so valuable they will need you to maintain it. Do everything you can for your company but get it in writing what you did and how it's beyond your job description and make it known how your keeping your resume out there... That your ambitious.

Comment More than meats the eye... Free Pudding (Score 1) 215

They forgot to stress that there Kiosks are about giving away free samples... Children would definitely abuse it and since their parents won't be buying them expensive pudding... nothing for them. They probably also keep a biometric record of your face so adults can't abuse it either.

Comment How are supercomputers relevant? (Score 1) 201

Way back in the beginning you could see them as single computers but nowadays a supercomputer looks more like a local network of computers or a local cloud/cluster. Where does the computer start and stop?

Science centers certainly need the computing power but I can't see how relevant it is to think of these specialized clusters as a single computer or how one rates against another. These clusters are constantly being upgraded and expanded. The interconnects and topology is the only interesting thing but you can't necessarily compare two systems since every system is specialized for certain calculations and software.

Comment What happened to the VM sandbox phone? (Score 1) 348

The greatest idea if I ever heard of. The equivalent of FreeBSD jails on an smart phone. Business and private is sand-boxed separately. Practically two separate devices. Add VPN to the business sandbox and it's a killer app. Install all the trojans and viruses you want if you personal sandbox. Business won't be affected.

Comment The firefox needs to become the phoenix (Score 1) 88

Firefox needs to die and start over. This is a good thing for most software. I think the Mozilla Foundation should start over and develop a new browser with a new name. Firefox takes up too much memory, it seems to be they aren't coming up with new efficient code, they are instead just caching everything. I dream about the good old days with internet explorer 2. In fact I think they need to come out with multiple browser, browsers for different users and uses. How about a security enhance browser for doing your banking. A browser specifically for multimedia viewing. A browser optimized for playing web games. A browser that doesn't support videos and is designed for reading with faster loading times. Maybe even a text only browser. A browser designed for low memory. No one tool can do it all. Having separate specialized tools is always the path to greater efficacy and efficiency.

As far as Google Chrome goes I don't trust it. The biggest feature a browser can offer is protecting my privacy and Google's only makes money by doing the opposite. Also notice how Firefox has only gotten worse during the years they were backed by Google.

Comment And once you factor out gas? (Score 1) 503

Sure you have to recharge the batteries but that's pennies compared to filling up your tank with gasoline. You don't spend 99% of what you would have been spent on gas. And electric cars don't need the maintenance that engine powered cars do. They are far more reliable and will not break down as much (mostly flat tires) or need to go into the shop.

You do have to have checkups for the batteries and to replace them after something like 8 years which will cost another $10,000 or so. But again that's like the investment in gasoline but paid upfront. And with mass production the batteries are only going to get cheaper where replacements should come down to at least $2000.

You have to compare the total lifetime cost of a car with an engine vs a car with motors and batteries. A car that can go 60 miles (they always overestimate and you divide by 2 for the round trip) seems perfectly reasonable and you can always upgrade the capacity. That's two hours of driving without any traffic at just below the speed limit.. But generally you want more space for hauling people and groceries at least as far as the 120 miles you might drive in a day. If you live out in the country then your obviously going to need more range but then those people are really more interested in pickup trucks.

Anyone that lives in say Los Angeles will be more inclined to rent a car with a bigger battery for the weekend trip to Las Vegas unless they do that all the time. A vehicle with a bigger battery is only worth it if you REGULARLY travel long distances. (Remember if you really drive a lot everyday you won't be spending the money on gas.) If you have the larger capacity battery and you don't use it then it's a luxury item and your just throwing money away since the batteries degrade even if you don't use them.

It's also might be possible that you could drive into a shop like a tire change center or a Jiffy Lube and get a booster battery installed in the trunk in 10 minutes. (Takes up space but it will get you there.) If you drive long distances then you could have the boosters swapped out just like stopping for gas.

Comment My tax money going to support movie companies? (Score 1) 341

I am seriously outraged. My tax dollars should not be used to help support the copyright industry. It's one thing to sue monetarily, it's another thing to put someone in jail for a year to the cost of the taxpayer for $50,000 a year. Second it's cruel.

It's one thing to give a business a tax break, it's another for government to actually do their job for them and enforce a flawed business model. To become their bill collectors.

Keep this up and people in this country will revolt. Revolt against the government and Hollywood. Suing and putting people in jail that are your potential customers. What has this country come to.

Comment Re:just in time (Score 2) 155

Weather control is a bitch.

What is surprising is that prices have come down this quickly. My only guess is that people were hording. Or WD actually was hording back inventory and understating it because they didn't know how long it would take to get their factories running again and they had to be sure they could cover their contracted orders.

Also was an opportunity for WD to buy back some of their stock.

But they did lost money. On the other hand we can look forward to cheaper prices and greater capacities since they must have retooled with the latest tech. Their assembly lines are not tuned for efficient production so Quality Assurance is under pressure to catch the extra faulty units. But since they are using the next gen manufacturing it should not be all that difficult to produce sufficient quantities of drives affordability in the short term.

Comment Re:Notice who is POTUS when this happened (Score 1) 176

It's not the presidents fault he and his party doesn't have a backbone. But it's also good McCain never became president because he doesn't have one either. The republicans are completely controlled by the fat cats.

The best thing any president could do is let this country and the world go bankrupt as soon as possible. The sooner it goes bankrupt the sooner it can all start over. Bust everyone back to $0. And severely cripple the banks and the investment community (which we will still need). If this country goes bankrupt 90% of people won't be affected after five years and will go back to normal lives maybe without a few luxuries.

This country feeds the world so all the president would need to do is just keep everyone fed. People don't get violent on full stomachs. And by fed I don't mean steaks, I mean $50 in rice for a month, blankets, and a meager ration for cooking fuel.

Then slowly just divide up the raw resources and let businesses recover.

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