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Submission + - Royalty-Free MPEG Video Proposals Announced (robglidden.com)

theweatherelectric writes: Rob Glidden notes on his blog that MPEG has recently 'announced it has received proposals for a royalty-free MPEG standard and has settled on a deliberation process to consider them.' There two tracks towards royalty-free video currently under consideration by MPEG. The first track is IVC, a new 'standard based on MPEG-1 technology which is believed a safe royalty-free baseline that can be enhanced by additional unencumbered technology described in MPEG-2, JPEG, research publications and innovative technologies which are promised to be subject to royalty-free licenses.' The second proposed track is WebVC, an attempt to get the constrained baseline profile of H.264 licensed under royalty-free terms. Rob Glidden offers an analysis of both proposals. Also of interest is Rob's short history of why royalty-free H.264 failed last time.

Comment True, but longer than 17 years (Score 1) 235

I agree that it is good that patents will expire. That said, they last longer than 17 years in the US (and in plenty of other countries they last 20 years). But it will be awhile before they are finished. For example MP3 (and MPEG-1 that MP3 is a part of) will not be done till at least 2015 (and the draft standard came out in 1991), MPEG-2 is at least 2018 and H.264 is 2027. By that time, there will probably be some 3D video codec that everyone wants, so we still will have to deal with software patents.

Comment My first language was BASIC, second Logo (Score 1) 709

I originally learned to programming on a Commodore 64 using BASIC. My second language was Logo on the C64. I have since programmed in over a dozen languages, and I don't think starting with BASIC harmed me. It's just a matter of learning that there are alternatives in the newer languages.

I do think that Logo is a better starting language than BASIC, since it has things like user defined functions and better list handling.

Comment Re:When does MPEG1 become free and clear? (Score 1) 686

I agree that the removal of ppmtompeg is rather like reading tea leaves. My personal reading is that they think that there might be some legal issues, but that they are not sure enough to be specific.

I saw the ISO statement as well and right now it sounds like they are trying to start a discussion on the possibility. For the Layer 2 audio the major part that I had not found prior art for was the synthesis window.

Rob Glidden put up a summary at:

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