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Comment Re:7 Core Demands of Occupy Wall Street (Score 1) 1799

Not a bad start...I also would ditch this tidbit "End the War on Drugs ", because keeping it will erode support for this movement. Keep the list short and in the spirit of the current times (zeitgeist) and don't start throwing in every liberal issue from the past 40 years and we might see some traction...

Comment Re:It's the left version of the Tea Party (Score 5, Insightful) 1799

It's interesting to me that Biden says there are similarities between the Tea Party and the Wall St movement, but gets shouted down or mocked by both. Take that a the core principle of the Tea Party is that government has gotten too big, is too wasteful & corrupt and is essentially bankrupting the country you would get a lot of agreement from the public. Take that a core principle of the Wall St movement is that corporations are too big, too powerful & corrupt, and are selling out this country, then that too would probably get a lot of agreement from the public. But still no effort or interest to join together to effect REAL change And of course the fact that the media invariably 'simplifies' the characterizations of one group to be racist rednecks, and the other group to be dirty hippies so that the true 'Middle' type folks won't feel comfortable supporting one or the other and certainly not both. Critical thinking on both sides of the political spectrum would help, but experience has shown that is harder to find in America today than a domestic coding job...

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Verifying Security of a Hosted Site

edi_guy writes: I'm getting ready to launch a small commercial website that will contain customer information in a MySQL database that will be run by a web-hosting service. While I have good experience with SQL databases from a programming point of view, I'm not an expert on securing them. Given all of the publicity around break-ins and data theft on a seemingly daily basis, it seems prudent to review this now rather than later.

What are suggestions on resources that would help verify that both myself and my hosting service are following best practices on securing a database backed website?

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