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Comment Re:Oh F*CK That! (Score 1) 1191

Slashdot 2.0 (what we have now) is pretty good, even though it had a crapton of backlash when it was implemented. That was mostly due to the bad coding, the design is still very similar to the Slashdot of 10 years ago. Once they fixed the bugs I think it is great.

This just looks like a crappy attempt to copy Ars, right down to the very poorly implemented comments system. Why change the best comments system around? Certainly nobody comes here for the articles, as those are done better and more accurately everywhere else. People come for the moderated comments, why fuck that up.

Comment Re:Feeling "profound regret"... (Score 1) 311

That makes sense. Until you are caught, you typically have only your perspective on what you're doing. There's no one else out there telling you that you've made a mistake. A lot of people change their minds about their activities once they realize that other people don't approve.

No, it only makes a sociopath sorry they were caught. Someone actually capable of feeling empathy would have thought about it after the first crime, not continue to do it 40 more times.

Comment Re:I figured it was the end... (Score 1) 178

After they went from making games in house to being just another publisher and then just an agency that licensed the star wars names for games.

This happened in the late 1990's when the X-wing series went from being produced in house and moved to Totally Games. (I don't remember if that was Xwing vs. Tie Fighter or Xwing Alliance). Later on I noticed that they weren't even publishing games. Games were being released by Activision or EA.

I know the space combat sim died 10 and going on 15 years ago. That's why I've spent as much as I have looking forward to Star Citizen.

And X:Rebirth, and that Occulus Rift based game that CCP is teasing, but I don't have any confidence they will actually be able to deliver something good.

But I am expecting a "Rebirth" of the space sim genre in the next few years. Technology is finally catching up with the imagination of the classic games. Does EA still own the rights to Wing Commander? Ok so that one won't be part of the renaissance.

Comment Re:Better games came along right after? (Score 1) 374

It was also the era where the old school realistic flight sims died, much for the same reasons. Somehow it is 15 years later and Falcon 4 is still the best combat flight sim ever produced. I would love to give it a try with those community mods, but they dont make game ports to use my old Saitek x36, which has been boxed for over a decade and probably doesn't work anymore. (Which with the goofy keyboard mapping system never worked all that well to begin with.)

Maybe with the new generation of space games, X:Rebirth, Star Citizen, etc... it will be worthwhile to buy an new HOTAS. Thrustmaster and Saitek managed to survive all these years, perhaps it is time.

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