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Submission + - Apple iDevices Make More Money Than All Microsoft' (

Mightee writes: "A report published today says that Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad make more money than all Microsoft's products put together in sales.

The report comes from Asymco that compares the sales of Apple and Microsoft and reached the conclusion that Apple iDevices make more revenue than Microsoft does with all its products."


Submission + - Chrome Set To Take No. 2 Spot From Firefox (

CWmike writes: "Google's Chrome is on the brink of replacing Firefox as the second-most-popular browser, says the Web statistics firm StatCounter, which shows that Chrome will pass Firefox to take the No. 2 spot behind Microsoft's IE no later than December. As of Wednesday, Chrome's global average user share for September was 23.6%, while Firefox's stood at 26.8%. IE, meanwhile, was at 41.7%. The climb of Chrome during 2011 has been astonishing: It has gained eight percentage point since January 2011, representing a 50% increase. During that same period, Firefox has dropped almost four percentage points, a decline of about 13%, while IE has also fallen four points, a 9% dip. That means Chrome is essentially reaping all the defections from Firefox and IE."

Submission + - Einstein, Neutrinos, And The Relativity Of Wrong (

Mightee writes: "Last Friday, scientists at CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research — shocked the scientific community by publishing evidence of an anomaly they were unable to solve, in hopes that others around the world can either prove or disprove their findings. While sending subatomic particles hurdling through the Earth between Switzerland and Italy, researchers noticed that a particular particle known as a neutrino was sometimes arriving a little bit faster at the destination than everything else. What makes that so strange is that these particles were being sent at the speed of light."

Submission + - 56% Of Smartphone Sold In Last 3Months Run Android (

Mightee writes: "According to a recent survey by Nielsen, majority of the new smartphone users prefer Android devices over other OS powered smartphones.

The survey says that 43 percent of all smartphone users have an Android device and around 56 percent people have preferred Android devices for purchase over the last 3 months."


Submission + - Offical:Apple To Hold iPhone5 Media Event On Oct 4 (

Mightee writes: "Finally the news we all have been waiting for! Apple has officially announced that they will be holding media event on October 4th at their Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, CA.

The news doesn't come as a surprise, as many reports suggested the media event will be held on October 4th at Apple's Cupertino campus, instead of San Francisco where the company usually announces its products."


Submission + - How To Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now (

Mightee writes: "Facebook yesterday announced a new profile feature called the Timeline that allows you to check back on everything you have ever done, all the way back to when you were born.

The feature hasn't been available to the public yet, but there is a way you can get it right now. Here is what you have to do."


Submission + - Pakistan seeks to block Facebook again (

Mightee writes: "Pakistan, which was in the news last year for blocking Facebook over a “Draw Mohammad Day” competition, is seeking to ban the social network again due to the second round of the same competition, reports Pakistan Today.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, presiding over the Lahore High Court, ordered the Ministry of Information and Technology to block access to Facebook nationwide on the charge of “spreading religious hatred on the Internet”. The court also directed the ministry to police the Internet and block all other websites that were found guilty of the same charge, but it spared search engines like Google (which it is targeting for other reasons)."


Submission + - NASA Discovers New 'Tatooine' Planet With Two Suns (

Mightee writes: "NASA's Kepler mission has reported that it has discovered something that has not been found yet — a planet that revolves around two suns.

NASA's officials have named this planet as Kepler 16(AB)-b but astronomers are calling it Tatooine. This new discovery also acquits Luke Skywalker from any blame — his desert homeland in Star Wars also featured a planet with two suns.

However, scientists looked at this assumption in a dubious manner. Now that assumption has become a reality, maybe that is why the scientists are calling this planet as "Tatooine"."


Submission + - UK Ad Authority:iPhone4 The World's Slimmest Phone (

Mightee writes: "According to report published by an advertising authority in Britain, Apple iPhone 4 is still the slimmest smartphone in the world and not the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has stopped Samsung from claiming its Galaxy S II as the slimmest phone. According to them, Samsung Galaxy S II measures about 8.71mm thick except the bottom part which measures about 9.91mm thick and houses the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other hardware whereas, the iPhone 4 measures about 9.3mm thick from top to bottom."


Submission + - Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts (

Mightee writes: "Using keyboard shortcuts helps you increase your typing speed, saves handsome amount of time and also relieve hands from that pain caused by using mouse repetitively. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts for the recently announced Microsoft Windows 8 to increase productivity."

Submission + - App Store Apps Make More Money Than Android Apps (

Mightee writes: "According to a recent survey, Android developers are making much less than what iOS developers are. The reason for this could be many. However, the most probable reason is piracy.

According to a report from Skyhook and the Yankee group, the sales of apps of different platforms are increasing with each day and a single consumer is buying about 40 apps every year. Nevertheless, this number does not mean that apps on iOS and Android are selling off at equal rates with Android users buying lesser apps than their competitor's users do."


Submission + - Adobe Flash Finally Comes To iPhone, iPad And iPod (

Mightee writes: "According to various sources Adobe has produced a new technology, which fills all needs of Apple devices and could well be incorporated and bring Flash support in their devices — without degrading the performance. Adobe announced the newest version of Adobe Flash Media Server today. It will allow developers to stream Flash content directly to a wide array of devices and enable flash content to be played on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch without installing any Add-ons.

This new technology developed by Adobe works like a HTTP stream. Instead of processing the flash file locally on the device, the files are rather rendered on a remote server and then streamed to other browsers."


Submission + - Sprint To Offer Unlimited Data For iPhone 5 (

Mightee writes: "The rumor mill on iPhone 5 is producing new and improved rumors day by day with leaked pictures and other leaked items, surely points that the release of the device is very near.

Now, we have come to know that Sprint is planning to release the next generation iPhone with an unlimited data plan as early as next month. This might not come as a surprise as the company is looking to edge past its customers with various services that others do not offer."


Submission + - TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over ( 1

Mightee writes: "TechCrunch is on the precipice. As soon as tomorrow, Mike may be thrown out of the company he founded. Or he may not. No one knows. And if he is, he will be replaced by — well, again, no one knows. No one knows much of anything. Certainly no one at TechCrunch. This site is about to change forever and we’re in the total fucking dark. I’ve been able to piece together little bits of information here and there, and it’s not looking good. Hence, this post.

By now, if you read TechCrunch, you likely know about the nuclear situation that has exploded over the past several days. Mike unveiled an investing entity known as the “CrunchFund” with full AOL support — so much support, mind you, that they’re the largest backers of the fund — only to have his legs kicked out from under him due to what can only be described as nonsensical political infighting and really poor communication. To make matters worse, some Journalists (with a big “J” and even bigger senses of entitlement) have proceeded to pile on, despite having no real knowledge — at all — of the way TechCrunch actually works. And now here we are."

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