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Comment Re:Experienced First Hand on a Samsung Laptop (Score 1) 232

I have in my hands a shiny new 900x4d . I will be installing some version of linux this weekend. Is there anything that you are saying here that I need to know that is difficult to figure out, or that I wont just stumble upon from you description of the process? Win7 is booted now, and I have no cd/dvd (unless it is in a different box that I havent opened yet)

Comment Re:How America has withered ... (Score 3) 416

The GP referred to these as distraction issues. Not calling them trivial distractions like hobbies, but issues used to distract. Notice how the mention of these issues quickly sidetracked the conversation. It works. These issues will not be resolved, because congress can throw them around to keep the masses busy believing that the two party system exists, and run around behind the scenes screwing over everyone for personal gain. Different definition of distraction.

Comment Re:Plea bargains and accumulation of sentences (Score 2) 443

I held tight. They wanted me to know more, and thought I knew more, but I didnt. I gave no names, and only spoke without miranda rights ( which REALLY pissed them off, as they knew I called a lawyer). They tried to play the game of "you arent a suspect and have nothing to hide". Eventually they figured out that I wasnt the guy helping the guy, I was just a guy in the dorm. I was scared as hell in front of the grand jury though.

A fun little bit that would be stupid in a hollywood script... I fell asleep in my house watching tv, and apparently someone else who felt like playing with things that go boom decided to throw a device of some sort in some bushes to get rid of it. Happened to be about 2 blocks from my house, and I had no witness or alibi. They really leaned on me, but then I was sick of it and lost my cool and yelled at them. I had already told them how I would have disposed of things, and how I think some of the things they were interested were disposed of,and none of those ideas were as stupid as walk two blocks from my door and throw it in the bushes. They backed down ... months later I met the guy who had done it at a party and his little bomb was nothing like the ones that my friend had made. stupid

They also called someone I knew who had found a dog. His answering machine said " if you are calling about the lost black dog..." . ATF was conviced this was code speak. They wanted proof of the dog, so they stopped by to see it, and then they were cool enough to take it to the vet as it needed help and we were college kids with no cash. Still a bunch of dicks for pushing on that issue though.

Comment Re:Publicity stunt (Score 1) 163

Will things move faster if a modification is put in place that is provided by Boeing than a modification that is put in place by Boeing that is supplied from a third party. It seems that some parts are going to have to be re-worked, and the scope of the replacement will determine the re-certification more than the source of the mods. We can also call into question the rigor of the original certification process at this point.

Comment Re:Plea bargains and accumulation of sentences (Score 4, Interesting) 443

I was threatened years ago by the ATF. They had nothing on me, and we both knew it, but once the feds are knocking on your door, you are in big trouble. My crime was knowing someone who was playing with small black powder pipe bombs. They tried to threaten me with ten charges at ten years a piece, for each explosion that I could be linked to. This included an accessory charge that the actual person doing the mayhem wasnt going to get, because you cant be an accessory to yourself. This is when I knew they were just playing to scare me ( it worked however , tough to play chicken with that much of your life). These 10 sentences would have been served concurrently, so my max time would have been ten years. The volume of charges would have just looked bad on my resume.

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 1) 475

I think those went away during the failed ATT buyout. I recently dealt with contract renewals/new phones with them, and the only cheaper version with your own phone is to buy monthly access to their network. They seemed happy to do that, but it wasnt the same plan as the contracts with a discount. We ended up signing a contract for my wife, as that had the same eventual cost for the phone, they essentially financed it with no interest. The $500 upfront wasnt worth the small savings that the monthly pre-paids could offer. We rolled my no-contract phone onto her new plan as a second line, and cut our previous bills in half.

Comment Re:Koch Brothers? (Score 0) 355

i did mention one though... scientific questioning. When a claim is made, many people as to see the base data, and that is frequently hidden. The debunking on message boards happens on both sides of the issue, and the regurgitation also happens on both sides. The facts are constantly obscured through a level of loyalty that reflects religion more than science. Both sides of this debate always question the funding of any study, and rightly question the fact that the ones paying for a study seem to have findings that reflect a benefit to the sponsor. I also mentioned the folks that dont care about facts, even called them loony tunes. This doesnt mean that anyone who wants detail to facts should be called names and dismissed as a fool. The real fun thing about this, is that I havent declared my thoughts on AGW, or climate change, or GW, or GHG... any topics... my comments are strictly related to the process of not allowing discussion at all.

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