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Comment Re:Koch Brothers? (Score 0) 355

i did mention one though... scientific questioning. When a claim is made, many people as to see the base data, and that is frequently hidden. The debunking on message boards happens on both sides of the issue, and the regurgitation also happens on both sides. The facts are constantly obscured through a level of loyalty that reflects religion more than science. Both sides of this debate always question the funding of any study, and rightly question the fact that the ones paying for a study seem to have findings that reflect a benefit to the sponsor. I also mentioned the folks that dont care about facts, even called them loony tunes. This doesnt mean that anyone who wants detail to facts should be called names and dismissed as a fool. The real fun thing about this, is that I havent declared my thoughts on AGW, or climate change, or GW, or GHG... any topics... my comments are strictly related to the process of not allowing discussion at all.

Comment Re:Koch Brothers? (Score 3, Insightful) 355

I agree with this exactly. The problem I have is the frequency that anyone who raises a question is labeled as a denier. There are a lot of good points that get glossed over because the points are being addressed to a non-existent group identity with a large helping of name calling. There are many different beliefs that dont swear by AGW, and some of which are loony tune deniers, and some are pointing out scientific questioning.

I like to read through all of these comments, replacing "denialist" or "denier" with "poo-poo head", then again with "person" . The arguments can be vastly different this way.

Comment Re:Koch Brothers? (Score -1, Troll) 355

there is no difference between being a skeptic and a denialist. Any questioning of the presented idea makes the questioner a denialist. In any situation, if a person is less fervent in their belief and anger about warming, then that person is a denialist. This makes it true, that any time two people are in a room together,no matter how strongly pro-AGW they both are, one of them is a denialist.

Comment Re:i have purchased the affected products. (Score 1) 709

The disease could have been around forever, but would not have mattered as the cows were wandering around eating grass, not other cow's heads. The feed lot mentality of "protein is protein" and trying to gain as much weight as possible as quickly as possible has produced many side effects, the transfer of mad cow being a fairly obvious one.

Comment Re:Not from Google Play (Score 4, Interesting) 92

This is a simple case of "just because you can, doesnt mean you should". I like the OPTION of loading apps from anywhere. I also pay attention to what gets installed and where. I turn off the alternate installation locations unless I am actively installing something. The people who want pay apps for free just pay a price that isnt money, and their stupidity should have no impact on my ability to be allowed to use my device as I want. No need to force your draconian bliss on the rest of the planet.

Comment Re:alpha test? (Score 4, Insightful) 268

A bigger element than the planes not being blown up is the nothing else being blown up. If the terrorists were as determined as we are beig told, then why havent they been thwarted by our awesome new security doodads and moved on to other things. I am sure that in a few minutes I can think of at least 15 places where people can be successfully killed in large numbers that could have ripples through the economy. As these havent been blown up, then the terrorists as presented arent out there.

Unfortunately the TSA knows all this and is working to protect those other places so that the lack of successful terrorist plots remains at the hands of our saviors in the TSA, and no one will discover that the narrrative is bullshit.

Comment Re:Sucks to be him (Score 1) 298

a couple of times I called back the number they left on my voicemail. I did this if I had nothing to do that evening. I would try to find out who they were and what their address was so I could make things official, but they never would give any information that could give me any legal standing. I basically trolled them by wasting their time as I would let these calls go until they got sick of me and hung up, and then I would just call back. Didnt do anything to stop them, but it could eat into the small profit they were going to get from any payments.

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