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Comment Re:It not logical Captain (Score 1) 466

yes, kind of.

The trains either dont get right to where you need to be, or they stop everywhere and take too long.

My long distance issues that require a plane are either 1) cross an ocean , or 2) go 2000 miles by tomorrow.

If I had an option of a decent length travel for vacation, with no schedule to drive me batty, I would love to take a comfortable train ride.

Comment Re:It not logical Captain (Score 1) 466

i am 6'2" , my wife is just under 6' . We pay attention to the seat sizes.

I actually nearly refuse to fly at all, but when i do it is because driving isnt an option. This usually means long distance, and $20 will never cover the cost of a week of pain from being wedged in tightly. I will look at the structure of seating for the airlines in general, the structure of the seats for the specific flight ( usually ) and try to figure out how often a different plane configuration is swapped in, as that changes your seat location and everything.

If there are a few options, and one is a bit more expensive but offers the slight edge in comfort, then the choice will go with the better configuration.

Comment Re:let's look and see (Score 1) 245

checking on Iron Man 3 reference. It is only available through the mail, not streaming. Having a list of stuff I want, and having them send me what happens to be around is far less convenient than streaming at any time I feel like it.

Grosse Pointe Blank is the same.

Avengers is available to stream.

Comment Re:Doulbe Standard (Score 4, Informative) 279

so i dont think that the true story is being used here in the reasons and the manner that the Guardian destroyed the files. When i see " asked politely" then I know that this is being set up as spin. " we will politely ask you to come with us and politely sit in jail and rot forever, politely, or you can politely give us the stuff", and the response was to not hand over, but to destroy, with full knowledge (on both sides) that there were other copies, and the destruction was only for show.

Comment Re:Deep down.. (Score 1) 610

I am commenting on the lack of anger for the wrongdoing. People tend to turn a blind eye to actions done by people they agree with or vote for, or at least give them more of a benefit of the doubt. This will occur even when the action has nothing to do with the reasons that the person has voted for the wrongdoer. The republicans try to be angry at what is going on, but they just spent years building up an infrastructure and starting these rules. And then when anything is found, the war drums from the loony tunes on the fringes get fired up so fast and loud that anyone who wants to be viewed as sensible has an initial reaction to ignore. The democrats, who were angry at this stuff, cant be angry as they are busy defending the regime. Now that they cant defend it, they cant do anything, as it is "Their" guy.

stupid two party system got us good on this one.

Comment Re:Deep down.. (Score 1) 610

i am not saying both sides as a justification, I am saying that it is occurring, but many people are seriously invested in their "side" being good and right. When it turns out that there is no way to defend your sides actions, and that it is all one muddy mess, then there is no anger to be found as there is no external enemy. The people dont have an opposing party that can be blamed for committing the wrongdoings anymore, and the anger has no target.

Comment Re:Deep down.. (Score 4, Insightful) 610

I am afraid this is more true than we all want to believe. Everyone likes to prove their side is great by showing how shitty the other side is. Well, we now have proof that both sides are happy to screw over anyone who stands in their way, and willing to stand all over the very essence of the country to do it, and have declared themselves above the law. As the current party had a large following of voters based on hatred of the previous regime because of its transgressions against laws ( foreign and domestic), and its ignoring of human rights, there is a giant problem now that the side they supported is not only committing equivalent acts, but ignoring all pleas from the population for any kind of inclusion.

There is no one to be angry at but ourselves, so no one is angry.

Comment Re:Almost Nobody will buy a car online ... here's (Score 2) 160

i have done nearly this. We decided which car we wanted, but went to a dealer to test drive it and check for comfort , fit , etc. We told the salesman what our plan was, so he just gave us the keys and told us to check it out. A few weeks later we made the decision, had a deal in hand, and went back to the guy that treated us right and told him the deal we had. Let him know that if he could match what we had, or give us reason for something better, then the sale was his, and that we returned only because he had treated us right on the first day.

Customer service can still win a sale, because as you say, there is a need for the consumers to actually see and touch the car in many cases.

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 5, Informative) 160

the last car i bought, 5 or 6 years ago, i considered a GM car. I had just gone through a great experience buying a honda for my wife, then GM came along to show me how miserable a shopping experience could be. There were a couple of options that made me want this car, but then I couldnt figure out how to get them. The salesman just wanted me to pick one off the lot, but they were over priced with options i didnt want, or didnt have what i came for. We looked at how to order the car, but the items all came in bundles... piles of bundles. One might have a sunroof, a certain radio, upgraded rims, and memory seat adjustments. of these I wanted the sunroof. Then you pick a different engine, and it changes the rims and radio and carpet, and you arent sure which set of overlapping choices would end up on the car. No one could figure that out. This happened for every option i wanted.

I then tried to configure on a website. again the options were a joke of complexity. At the end, I got to choose which dealership would contact me with a quote. I could choose 1, and only 1. I wanted to see what competing quotes might get me, but I had to start the entire order process over. This was going to take too much time, so I bought a Nissan.

Comment Re:"Domestic"? (Score 1) 190

The NSA no longer distinguishes between US citizens and citizens of other countries. We are all the enemy now.

I dont think it is necessary to consider citizens of other countries enemies by default either. There is a view of us against them, but that is from the controlling few inside of the NSA versus everyone else, no borders required.

Comment Re:"Legal" does not equal "ethical" or "right" (Score 1) 252

you are exactly right. The US is not more evil than other countries. The problem is that there has always been a myth pushed to the world that the US has a government of, by, and for the people, and because of this there will not be the same types of threats possible from the US that could come from a tyranical dictator. It is starting to appear that the government is opposed to its own people in many ways, and it is completely obvious that the government no longer reports to the people.

Comment Re:As a world traveler (Score 1) 252

you might be right that the supreme court could be an appeal location to FISA. Unfortunately there is a requirement to prove that a person has been harmed in order to bring any case to a court. You cant sue because of harm to someone else, and you cant sue if you cant prove you were harmed. Since it is illegal to possess or make public the information that would be required to prove that you have been harmed in a material way by a decision that was made at the FISA court, there is no way that you can even bring a case that a judge at any level would be legally allowed to hear. This fully and completely negates any chance for the supreme court to hear an appeal.

Please explain to all of us again, exactly how you can have oversight when you are not allowed to have any sight?

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 1440

there are also people like me, who try to play games with people not paying attention. If I see that someone beside me is looking at their phone in a line of cars ( multiple lanes ) , I may just leave some space in front of me, and at a time when all is quiet, hit the gas to accelerate and slam on the brakes. The phone user sees cars around them moving and begins to drive, but the car in front of them isnt moving.

I also like to weave over just a touch , while staying within my lane, when moving down the road beside someone who is looking down more than up. They realize suddenly that a car beside them is creeping over, and because they havent been paying attention, they dont know the rate that the car is coming. This can lead to sudden corrections that cause all kinds of chaos. Call me an asshole all you want, but staying within my lane doesnt cause people who are paying attention to panic.

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