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Comment Re:"Domestic"? (Score 1) 190

The NSA no longer distinguishes between US citizens and citizens of other countries. We are all the enemy now.

I dont think it is necessary to consider citizens of other countries enemies by default either. There is a view of us against them, but that is from the controlling few inside of the NSA versus everyone else, no borders required.

Comment Re:"Legal" does not equal "ethical" or "right" (Score 1) 252

you are exactly right. The US is not more evil than other countries. The problem is that there has always been a myth pushed to the world that the US has a government of, by, and for the people, and because of this there will not be the same types of threats possible from the US that could come from a tyranical dictator. It is starting to appear that the government is opposed to its own people in many ways, and it is completely obvious that the government no longer reports to the people.

Comment Re:As a world traveler (Score 1) 252

you might be right that the supreme court could be an appeal location to FISA. Unfortunately there is a requirement to prove that a person has been harmed in order to bring any case to a court. You cant sue because of harm to someone else, and you cant sue if you cant prove you were harmed. Since it is illegal to possess or make public the information that would be required to prove that you have been harmed in a material way by a decision that was made at the FISA court, there is no way that you can even bring a case that a judge at any level would be legally allowed to hear. This fully and completely negates any chance for the supreme court to hear an appeal.

Please explain to all of us again, exactly how you can have oversight when you are not allowed to have any sight?

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 1440

there are also people like me, who try to play games with people not paying attention. If I see that someone beside me is looking at their phone in a line of cars ( multiple lanes ) , I may just leave some space in front of me, and at a time when all is quiet, hit the gas to accelerate and slam on the brakes. The phone user sees cars around them moving and begins to drive, but the car in front of them isnt moving.

I also like to weave over just a touch , while staying within my lane, when moving down the road beside someone who is looking down more than up. They realize suddenly that a car beside them is creeping over, and because they havent been paying attention, they dont know the rate that the car is coming. This can lead to sudden corrections that cause all kinds of chaos. Call me an asshole all you want, but staying within my lane doesnt cause people who are paying attention to panic.

Comment Re:jerk (Score 1) 1440

285 doesnt go into Gwinnett. I live ITP , and avoid the suburbs as much as i can for the reasons you state. Intersections are scary as hell when 5 and 7 lane roads cross, add in multiple left turn lanes and idiots not paying attention, and you are taking risks. I am glad this cop is doing this. Hopefully this lets people know to put the damn phone away.

Comment Re:Considering the cost of one Texbook (Score 3, Interesting) 192

sometimes it is nice to have a book from a class for a while after the class is over. This will also end borrowing books, or buying really cheap used books. And want to retake a class for a better score... buy the book again. Everyone pays full e-price for access to the online content for this semester.

Comment Re:Speculation (Score 3, Insightful) 492

There is a large segment of people that will say things like " running causes arthritis in your knees". This is what I was directing my comment at. Running, on its own, does not cause your knees to become weak or necessarily damaged. There is a chance of an injury occurring, but that does not mean that people should not exercise in general.

there is nothing different from "exercise over time leads to injury" and "being alive for a long time leads to injury" . Sitting at a bus stop has risks, sitting in your house has risks, walking anywhere can have one bad step that can do absurd amounts of permanent damage. None of this means that exercise will cause injury.

I have a permanent injury to a shoulder, so I somewhat understand your perspective .It happened from several odd falls, and then one day it came out while lifting a bucket and tore things up when it slid back in. I will never be able to do a pullup unless I can nearly one arm it with the other side.

My statement is not ignorant, it was targeted at people who are misinformed and loud, and the opposite of ignorant. Like I said, because of science. If it is arrogant, it is only because of the number of times I have to hear the nonsense about the cause (not risk) of injury being exercise.

Comment Re:It was a myth (Score 1) 986

lavabit apaprently stored everything encrypted, but they had to be able to deliver an unencrypted message. As the sender/receiver did not use full encryption of the message, lavabit was trying to provide that , in a fairly broken way. If you wanted true full encryption, end to end, you would have to do it yourself. If you wanted to think that large portions of the transaction were encrypted, then Lavabit held a partial answer.

Comment Re:wrong choice (Score 1) 684

Infosys was told to fight for the contracts, and many vendors were allowed to present candidates. We had a time period were no infosys candidates were considered. The logic behind the single source was to have managers spend a lot of time with a recruiter or firm so that they could understand exactly what we were looking for. This was supposed to allow less time spent in the hiring process with more targeted candidates, and not have the managers have to constantly update and inform recruiters with exactly what we needed. It obviously failed with the vendor not looking at customers needs as a priority.

Comment Re:wrong choice (Score 4, Interesting) 684

I worked at a place that wanted to use a single recruiting firm, and asked us to try to hire positions through infosys. The candidates were consistently poor. Really, really poor. I met someone at a friend's house who had applied to my company for several open spots in the previous year. He was asking why he had never gotten a call back, and why we kept re-opening the reqs, or if the turnover was that high. When I saw his resume, it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for, and a price we were willing to pay. It turned out that Infosys was interested in trying to fill $80/hr spots with $30/hr talent, or worse. They were consistent, and I dont blame it on race, but on pure profits over good business. They lost our account.

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