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Comment Re:an interesting paradox (Score 1) 749

so maybe the rest of the world would start thinking that it isnt all the people that are so bad, that they really dont have the control over govt as advertised, and the elected (and unelected) officials are a bunch of dicks. If global politics were professional wrestling, the US would definitely be losing its spot as top heel.

Comment Re:Murrica (Score 1) 955

ok, so you originally mention human decency, then you talk of what can stop abuses of human rights. It is obvious that certain types of people are drawn to power, and will abuse others rights to maintain their power. These people are not decent. The only way to enforce decency on those in power is to limit the rights of the government in regards to how it treats its governed. When the government reports to the people, as in the faded piece of parchment, then the people have a chance of forcing decency upon those in power. When the govenment decides that the people dont need to be informed, and that they should just leave the decisions to the grown ups, then even if they currentlhy arent being abusive and indecent, they have set the stage for someone who will be a complete shit and crack down on everyone they can.

I dont see the circular problems in my statement. the laws are descended from an original source. If you choose to dismiss any and all value from that source, then that is fine, but dont just expect anyone with any shred of power to be decent to you on their own will. This goes from the POTUS to the board of a neighborhood association.

Comment Re:It wont do much, but at least register interest (Score 1) 955

I have a feeling he really meant what he said about a transparent and open government, and then a few people had some conversations with him after he got to the oval office, and some pragmatism set in. He could still be a leader if he would like to, use the power of the pulpit to try to lift up the rights of the people, but I am not going to hold my breath for that one.

Comment Re:Murrica (Score 1) 955

this fucking AC troll from the NSA is pissing me off.

If the framework that allows the rules is irrelevant, then the rules are irrelevant. Even when the american public tries to stop this, they cant when the elected officials do what they please, or just avoid having a conversation based on secrets or burying unrelated "laws" into other bills. If something is unconstitutional, then it is illegal. If a law is illegal, then following it isnt legal. The option to challenge in court has been taken away, and now there is enough proof to make people angry, or at least question some things that had been previously dismissed as nonsense.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 4, Insightful) 955

good, then lets have a trial. at least a really good examination of the policies. I dont care if a "tool" is compromised at this point. The enemy this tool works against is a bogeyman. As the govt likes to say, if they have done nothing wrong, then they should have no fear in letting us see the truth.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

or even the people having an opportunity to say what they want. Or without knowing when the govt has been restricted. Or what they tried to do when they have been restricted. There is no concensus, and hopefully now there is information out there that will force a conversation and we can arrive at consensus. I have a guess that the people in charge know what the answer will be, which is why they have avoided askign the question.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

well, if the crime is uncovering crime, then I call him a hero. It looks like he was stuck between upholding the constitution and following an obligation to protect classified material. If that classified material is completely counter to everything that the country is supposed to stand for, then it should be revealed. Tough choice, and a brave man.

Comment Re:what's torture? (Score 1) 768

this is exactly my point, it would become a crime. It would be very easy for years of law to twist things to the point that not answering a question would be a crime. We are protected from this because of the 5th. It may not be the detail, but it is the foundation

Comment Re:I'm sure XBox won't record our conversations... (Score 1) 581

and Obama ran an election campaign explicitly stating that he would disable these mechanisms...

Dont just blame republicans, or the other guy, whoever that may be. Both of these groups see the advantages in creating laws that could be stepped all over like this. There is no opposition in congress to the president on these types of issues, as both are happy to support things for when it is their turn. You can keep believing in whatever partisan debates and issues that are thrown out there for you to feel like the other side is the bad guy, but pay attention to the last time either side did something that actually limited the govt in general, or suppported the population in general. There is plenty of bi-partisan support on plenty of issues, those just dont get paraded around.

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