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Comment Re:Reckless Cops (Score 1) 302

so what we have is "some guys were obviously up to something" , as the crime being investigated. I would like to know exactly what it was. When a group of police charge into a group of gang members who are on probation, there is a high likelihood that the gang members will react in a negative way. They may have been mugging old ladies, or they may have been just sitting around talking. Testosterone takes over on both sides, and a firefight breaks out. Again, did this need to happen? We will only know when the original reason that the police decided to engage the group is releases.

I am not saying that these guys are innocent, or didnt need to be arrested for whatever they were doing, but the end result is a completely unrelated innocent person has died do to the processes being followed by the police. Maybe they were saving someone else, maybe they just instigated a crime by looking hard enough.

Comment Re:facebook is an american company (Score 1) 559

I have a hard time imagining the parents really arguing all of this in front of a judge anyhow. It is facebook having a contract with their child without their knowledge, it is their child being drunk and in a bad state without their knowledge ( or guidance ), it is their child using the internet in ways that they do not have knowledge of...

At some point the parents are responsible for raising the child.

Comment Re:Consoles aren't profitable? (Score 1) 316

So I see some people breaking the Xbox division up and saying that the "games" portion of the device isnt making money, then we have this post where now the entire branding ( using a marketing department that is a company wide expense ) trying to show every dime that has ever been spent on xbox. Of course, using this logic, the xbox is a failed platform.

Comment Re:Apple interview (Score 1) 122

haha, companies dont pay shit. They depreciate assets.

My state is changing away from this ad valorum to a new system where you pay a one time tax at purchase of a vehicle. It will end up working out that people who frequently buy cars will pay a substantial amount more than people who tend to drive one vehicle for a long time. This is also pegged to value, so the more expensive cars will have a higher associated tax. It is most likely that this will then be deductible on itemization from federal taxes, so 30% of the exise ad valorum wont count as income. Then if this pretend person is in the alternative minimum bracket they wont be allowed the deduction.

Comment Re:Apple interview (Score 1) 122

A tax on a car in this manner is usually pegged to the value of the car, so even if someone were to need multiple cars becuase they were afraid that one crappy car is unreliable, the value of multiple really crappy cars would be very low. I have had beaters that I paid $15 on my ad valorum, I have had newer cars that cost $500 ( for ~$30000 car) .

Comment Re:not surprising (Score 1) 416

Im sure you are right, but this almost feels like the equivalent of shutting down gmail in order to have pushed people into googletalk. I havent been using hangout because I didnt really like it. Forcing me to turn off the IM that I did use isnt going to make me use hangouts, it is going to make me use one less google product.

Comment not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 416

My phone told me that an update to google talk was available, and that it would be replaced with hangouts. Google+ hasnt had a lot of traction with me, so I am not really sure if this is just going to be one less google product that I will be using now.

Comment Re:Why not just a lottery? (Score 2) 507

this is essentially the speed management strategy in Atlanta. Everyone is driving 30 over the limit, and safely. If a cop happens to pull you over , you get the ticket. If you drive legally you will die, so you drive illegally , and trust in the odds of not getting unlucky enough to be selected too often.

My last encounter had me matching speed of the rigs in the right lanes, but staying to the left to keep out of their way. You have to move through them to get on/off the highway, so you have to match their speed. The judge told me it is no excuse, to which I replied "I know, I just need the points removed from the ticket so I can still afford insurance, as I will be driving the same speed until the trucks slow down" . She complimented me on owning the ticket speed and honesty, and removed the points and 10 mph.

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