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Comment Re:My Face (Score 2) 344

This is why I demand a copyright release up front from any photographer I pay to take pictures. I also demand all photos taken, not just the ones the photographer thinks I might like. It costs more, but it's worth it to me.

I did this for my wedding photos in 2002. I shopped around for photographers who would do this and the only one who agreed was actually cheaper than the others and took very good photos. The first few that I approached laughed in my face and smugly told me no-one in their industry would do it. I have since advised all my friends as they got engaged to shop around for a photographer who will let you have all the photos (and raw files) and release copyright to you.

Comment Re:Updated TOS (Score 1) 313

There's also a built-in assumption here, that the z% will want Windows -- but it's not a stretch -- not everyone has a nerd at hand to install Linux and configure it to make it work for them.

A few years ago my brother, who is not a computer nerd but reasonably self motivated as a user, downloaded a linux distro and asked me to help install it.

I visited him for the weekend (he lives in a different city) and sat in his living room watching TV with my nephews while he tried to see how far he could get. I told him to give me a yell if he got stuck.

When he finally called me over to the computer (one TV episode later, so probably about half an hour) he was finished.

Not every non-nerd needs a nerd to install Linux and configure it to make it work for them.

Comment Re:My grandmother is one of them... (Score 0) 301

I do something similar, but not to the same extent. My date of birth on Facebook is the 1st of January 1970. I was born in the 70s so I've given them the right decade for their demographic stats out of courtesy. I have my first name and my last initial as my FB name. I don't allow access to 3rd party apps.

I don't friend anyone connected with my workplace and I don't post anything that could get me fired if someone from HR stumbled across it and linked it to me. I also don't friend people who are not connected to me offline.

Good lecture though. I will link to your post when advising others.

Comment Re:do it mozilla. (Score 2) 284

Id like to throttle the person who told her about it, because Ive become customer support.

Then stop. Unless you're getting something out of it, why be free support for friends and roommates? I'll help people once for twice as a favour, but after that I play dumb and make like I've exhausted my knowledge on the matter and refer them to a professional.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 2, Insightful) 169

In any case, I just think it's kind of funny since some people seem to think Germany actually started two world wars.

I tend to think of the two world wars as one war with a twenty year cease-fire in the middle of it. If the Allies hadn't been so harsh with their terms of surrender at the end of WW1 then Germany might not have gone through the hardship that breed such extreme fascism. If we give our defeated enemies a little dignity they hopefully won't rise up twenty years later and clobber us. But we never learn.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 2, Insightful) 169

Yeah, but it's not like a lot of people were involved in that war or anything. (Funny story actually, most people blame the war on the Germans when it was really Austria who set the stones rolling.)

Actually it was a Serb nationalist who started it. But that event was just a spark in an already volatile situation. The real reason that the European countries were itching to have a go at each other was imperialism on all sides. They were all expanding their empires/colonies throughout Asia and Africa and were fierce rivals.

The assassination of the Austrian duke just gave them an excuse to start open hostilities.

Comment Re:film (Score 1) 527

Film is an actual physical artifact and as such is not subject to bit rot. Properly stored negatives can last a long time. Good luck finding digital storage media that is guaranteed to last as long and can still be read in the future.

When new types of media are introduced they overlap the use of old media types. What I'm trying to say is that media formats do not become obsolete until their replacement has been available for a while. The bits themselves will remain identical each time the files are transferred to new media. Digital information can be exactly replicated indefinitely while analogue formats will eventually degrade.

Comment Re:Because of that (Score 1) 774

Perhaps the news media should only report on stories like that only after the jury has given their verdict.

The new of a person being found not guilty needs to be even bigger than the news that a person was accused.

Don't know how it works in other countries, but here in NZ the accused are usually given name suppression (the media can report the story but not the names of those involved) until more facts start emerging - often name suppression is not lifted until the verdict at the end of the trial.

Comment Internet vs Web (Score 1) 200

Someone. Please, please, PLEASE enlighten me on the difference between web and Internet. Yeah, I know they're different and it's a matter of protocols, but I've heard this for years and honestly still don't quite get it.

I know someone else has just answered, but here goes:

The Internet is a global network of computers, or more precisely a global collection of interconnected networks that happen to use the Internet Protocol (the "IP" in "X over IP") to talk to each other.

The Web is a global collection of documents and various media files stored on web servers around the world.

The Web can also refer to the global collection of web servers which store these documents and media files.

In other words, the Web is part of the Internet, but not all of it.

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