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Comment Re:Hmm summary editorializing (Score 1) 433

I am continually scared when facing a green light at an intersection and then having some one drive through the red light from my left to right. These people are trying to kill me. So supporting a system that lets them get away with it is nonsensical.

Sorry, but I disagree. The camera might help ensure that the offender gets punished for running the light, but if someone is going to run the light, well, they are gonna run the light.

Comment Re:Only 26%? (Score 1) 388

FWIW, I was the Security Officer and in charge of all data security, customer information protection, etc. So if someone was spending an inordinate amount of time on the web, chatting, or abusing the 'electronic communications systems' then it was my job to look into it. Found one user with kiddie porn (US Marshalls took care of that scumbag) and 2 others that were embezzling.
Not to say that I am not a sleazebag, but I was justified in being one.

Comment Priorities please? (Score 1) 319

"...costs rise in a way that makes on-shore-mandated software cost-uncompetitive on the world market.'" Is it just me, or does that not really matter when talking about code created for the gov't, especially code that has a significant security impact? There are tons of places less important than this where the budget can be cut. As far as the US developers falling behind world progress, we can do what Robin Williams has always done and steal the good stuff.

Comment Re:Google has an option ... (Score 1) 86

That happens all the time (in my paint analogy). Customers want a certain brand, certain color, etc. I don't see the difference (or why my first comment was considered 'trolling', but whatever). MS Office has a 94% market share (if you believe http://www.dailytech.com/Office+2010+to+Launch+Today+Microsoft+Owns+94+Percent+of+the+Market/article18360.htm), then why wouldn't any company, gov't or otherwise, be justified in requesting it?

Comment Re:Could be a great learning tool (Score 1) 120

I agree. I was lucky enough to have a couple of 'non-standard' teachers that brought a lot of wisdom and insight into what they taught, and really made things interesting. One guy that taught a global class (social studies) was a former state department worker that was stationed in the Middle East, and it was so much better to hear stories of what he got to do and see there than it would have been to read it in a dry textbook. Nowadays he probably wouldn't have time to talk to us like that, for fear of dropping a percentile on the state test(s). As far as the tile goes, I think at a certain age, likely elementary level, kids would be excited about being able to touch something that 'came from outer space'. Maybe it could create a spark in an otherwise uninterested mind. Jaded high school kids wouldn't be impressed by anything that wasn't a laser, phaser, or blaster, but to an 8-year old I would think it would be pretty cool.

Comment Re:Use "certified" firms or be arrested (Score 1) 187

The GLBA ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gramm%E2%80%93Leach%E2%80%93Bliley_Act ) is this type of gov't regulation and has none of the issues that you have brought up, with the exception of the gov't agency that is required to police (audit) companies bound by it. But the GLBA didn't create those agencies, just granted them a standard set of rules and the power to enforce them. If anything it has created more jobs, rather then reducing them. Granted, many of the jobs are filled by auditors, and imo there are few lower lifeforms on the planet, but they still fill jobs. The issue with it is that when there are auditors there are bound to be varied interpretations of the law, and the standard bias that goes along with it. I went thru 3-4 audits a year at 3 different community banks over a 10 year span and no 2 audits were alike. What the Feds wanted the State didn't care about. What the OCC wanted the FDIC disagreed with. One group had me remove overhead sprinklers from the 'data center' and the next group wrote me up for not having fire suppression in the data center. The standard requires 'encryption' but I didn't have a single bit of customer info encrypted until the last year at the last bank. I did, however, get written up for not having a written log to track the changing of smoke detector batteries.

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