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Comment Re:Who might know about this? (Score 2) 165

FWIW, what you're describing seems more practical to me. However, if you start from a position that "You should not be doing almost any programming until the design is done" then you're already a long way from how many TDDers practise and from the process that many who advocate TDD, including big name consultants and authors, describe.

Comment Re:No bugs are random - computers are deterministi (Score 2) 165

It is not random. If you have enough knowledge and the ability to comprehend that knowledge, you can predict what will happen. Nothing is random.

Sure, as long as you start a program and let it run all by itself without touching anything. As soon as you introduce human input, the system may still be deterministic, but the output of the program is in effect random because the behavior of the operator cannot be predicted. The kind of "knowledge and the ability to comprehend that knowledge" that you describe is known as omniscience, and most IDEs currently don't support it.

Comment Who might know about this? (Score 4, Interesting) 165

That depends. If you're are a die-hard TDD fan, for example, then you'll be writing your (unit) tests before you necessarily know where any such boundaries are. Moreover, there is nothing inherent in that process to bring you back to add more tests later if boundaries arise or move during refactoring. It's not hard to imagine that a developer who leaves academia and moves straight into an industrial TDD shop might never have been exposed to competing ideas.

(I am not a die-hard TDD fan, and the practical usefulness of white box testing is one of the reasons for that, but I suspect many of us have met the kind of person I'm describing above.)

Comment Re: Who would believe it? (Score 1) 457

Oh, because it's impossible that a man would initiate that sexual encounter?

Without a time machine or some kind of wormhole device to view the past, we'll never know for sure.

Or that monkeys do the same thing, no marketers involved:

You're obviously a racist. Just because someone's not human doesn't mean they aren't doing marketing.

Comment Re:SSD drives are fast, but they suck for reliabil (Score 1) 293

The trouble is, some of these schemes don't use files/registry where you're supposed to store data, they mess around with private areas like your boot sector. Why on earth should my OS allow some random application software on my computer anywhere near my boot sector? Aside from the glaring security hole, there is no systematic control and co-ordination for such access, so multiple DRM schemes could conflict, dual-booting could get messed up, etc.

Also, it shouldn't be necessary to run specialist backup tools to deal with file data. If the standard issue copy commands in the OS can't readily copy everything in the filesystem, then once again I think that OS is poor.

Comment Re:Going to PMITA prison! (Score 1) 233

After looking at all that crap for the 20 minutes it took to find the legit message I needed it left me with a desire to choke the life out of these parasitic fuckers.

Because slightly inconveniencing you is not only deserving of being raped 2500 times in a row but in fact far worse than molesting children. That's not at all insane, no sir.

I guess that shows if you absolutely must huff gasoline, at least get the unleaded stuff.

Comment Re: A couple things about TFA (Score 1) 396

I can think of lots of other reasons why they would also be upset. But the non-Muslim reason is primary and not something you can wave away, even if you fix the other things.

Or it could be just a way of saying "God is on our side!", like people have in every conflict since time immemorial. Just like they have excused the actions of your own tribe while vilifying the members of others victimized by said actions. Which was bad enough for bronze age barbarians but is something we simply can't afford anymore in the modern world, so please stop doing that shit. Unless, of course, you fancy sitting in the dark, paying even more taxes for "defence" and wondering when someone finally goes over the line and drops a nuke on you.

They are also offended at our allowing gay marriage, perhaps instead the nation should stop placating the gay population and stone or execute them instead?

This must be why every islamic group on the planet is focusing on annihilating Sweden, where gay marriage has been legal since 2009. Oh sorry, I forgot: they'll destroy Denmark first, for publishing those Muhammed cartoons.

...Nope, it's still the United States that's enemy number one, despite all its evangelical gay-hate. I wonder why that is?

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