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So let's say for the sake of argument that insurance companies didn't turn medical practice into medical industry. Are you saying that medical advances we see today simply wouldn't happen?

I'm sorry but if that's the case, I heartily disagree with you. Lately, the more the factors of research and production are put into homes of common people, we are seeing more an more "great things" emerge from sources which disprove the "big money only" theory. Certainly the demand brought on by public need was recognized and brought on by industrialists. That can't be disputed. But one of the things the industrialists brought with them is a way to protect their business model by making it more exclusive to them and their kind. Patents. Patents in medicine, I believe, result in more suffering than it helps to resolve. But that's not my point -- just a kind of tragic side-effect. But medical schools, publicly funded medical schools also do research into medical science. So instead of industry, I believe a tiny, tiny portion of our ridiculous defense spending could be placed in the hands of these researchers instead of industrialists to achieve the same results if not better as they wouldn't be quite so exclusive.

Medical practice should not be industry. That's what helps it to be so expensive, out of control and so incredibly dominating.

Comment Water cooling not useful without better cases (Score 1) 79

Water cooling would be a lot more useful if there were some genuinely nice, well-designed cases out there to put these water-cooling systems into. Even the high-end cases aren't very good; they're much too large, they're plasticky and cheap, they don't have toolless drive bays, they have way too many drive bays, etc. This isn't 1993 any more; we don't need cases with 10 5.25" drive bays. And why does anyone bother with full-size ATX motherboards any more? No one uses expansion cards any more, except for GPU cards; this isn't 1993 where every function on a system was on a separate expansion card.

Why can't someone make a really nice, metal, miniITX system with space for 2 hard drives that doesn't look like some cheap, gaudy plastic-front POS?

Comment $45,000 for a Master's? (Score 3, Insightful) 163

Sorry, folks, but no Master's in CS is worth $45,000, and certainly not from Georgia Tech when better schools offer the same for half the tuition (Univ. of Texas comes to mind), and regional schools for a quarter of this. This seems to be nothing more than a marketing ploy to show what a good "deal" you could get if you went 100% online while at the same time inflating the quality of the on-campus program at Georgia Tech.

Comment Re:Amerika the Terror State (Score 2) 426

Papers, please.

Every time I hear that, I remember that old Impossible Mission episode where the team is infiltrating a Soviet agent training camp only for the Soviets to start demanding papers - which, as it turns out after the commercial break, is just a training regime to prepare the agents for the American environment where the proper response to that is an angry refusal and demanding to see warrants. Because, after all, that is a very stark difference between the Soviet and American systems.

My, how times change.

Comment Re:You can't win.. (Score 5, Informative) 214

If you watch the video, he discusses that. He does about 40-60% of his coding with this system and he does keep voice-strain in mind (in fact, he was sucking on a hard candy during the demonstration to keep his voice from drying out). You may not do 100% of your work in it, but just imagine if you could cut the amount of typing you do down to about half of normal? Suddenly, you're spreading some of the load to your voice, keeping either from being excessively stressed.

Comment Re:The World is Blue (Score 1) 179

I wasn't aware of that (I don't follow Windows development). If what they mean is that they'll release an annual update to the current operating system (ala service packs), then business as usual. If what they're talking about is OSX-style "tiny iterations for a decade", then that sounds awful. It barely works for OSX, because OSX is a pretty decent system (not perfect, by any means, but...). Doing that with Windows 8? Good grief. Essentially, I feel major version releases encourage rolling out new fundamental paradigms that can kick things forward a bit. Annually updating the same OS with point-releases seems like a fantastic way to drag-on a tired or even unwanted paradigm for far longer than would otherwise happen.

Comment Re:Just for video recording? (Score 2) 223

Currently, every police car is equipped with facilities to allow the tracking of license plates (cars) of citizens throughout the city.

Strapping cameras to their heads turns every cop into a non-stop surveillance machine in ways that would otherwise be difficult to implement in most cities (ie, throwing cameras up all over the place, UK-style).

Comment Re:Try claiming "Death to the Great Satan". (Score 1) 490

At least type my name right in your rant. I know it's kinda hard to do that when you're brimming with rage, so please calm down, maybe we can reach a civil discussion that way.

What exactly is your point? If it helps you in any way, I consider EVERY religion a mental illness. I don't single out Islam or Christianity, as far as I'm concerned they are in the loony bin together.

Comment Re:Try claiming "Death to the Great Satan". (Score 1) 490

Because people are pissing their panties every time someone says something bad about Islam 'cause these loonies take the shit about paradise serious and blow themselves up in your face to get there. It's rather rare with Christians, who're usually great at praying, denouncing "sinners" and spending time in churches but rather reluctant to take jokes like "go forth and give everything your have to the poor" really serious.

Religion in the west is mostly a fun pastime. Something to do when you have no real problems, but it mustn't cut into your spending spree.

Comment Re:Journalists licking Obamas boots (Score 1) 490

The lesser of two evils? Hardly. It's just very human to side with the underdog.

I never said that Le Duc Tho was in any way better or worse than Kissinger. Just more honest. That doesn't really make him any better a person, though. Someone telling you that he's gonna kill you is just more honest than someone who does it behind your back, but I doubt you'd like either person a lot.

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