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Comment Re:SURPRISE! (Score 1) 312

Hunger is actually what's missing in the US to cause a riot. Actually, the only thing that separates the US from a full blown riot akin to the Arab Spring events is that people are not starving.

Why do you think food stamps still exist, despite the recession? Because we care so much about our poor and needy? C'mon...


Once again, when one is out of balance, it takes regulation to reign things in. For example, in the case of digital content, there is an unlimited supply. It requires the force of government to enforce limits in the form of penalties when the limits are exceeded. (The content distributor sets the limits, but the government enforces.) In the case of unlimited demand, there are many. Energy products/services, medical care, water, air just to name a few. They are what we consider to be fundamental needs for survival in this world. This is already recognized by most government as there is almost always a utilities commission to regulate utilities. We don't, however, have a medical care commission to regulate the costs of medical care and since insurance companies have established and become the system, trying to undo the damage seems to be pretty impossible despite the numerous examples we have in other nations. And hilariously, people STILL believe the myth that the US healthcare system is better than any other even if it is more expensive. That's bullshit. I've seen some extremely attrocious things in the US medical systems not the least of which is the veterans medical system and those often frequented by people who cannot afford to pay anything. Even those who operate on insurance payments are pretty crappy a lot of the time failing to properly diagnose and treat people and all. It comes down to the money and the greed of those who would deny quality care to those who don't have excessive funding. And it isn't the doctors who are most motivated by the money, it's the administrators who make so many critical decisions based on costs and profits. These motives have no place in an environment which requires a Hippocratic oath to enter that line of work.

Believe it or not, most people don't care to be super rich. They just want to get by comfortably and not have to worry about things. It is only a select few sick and greedy individuals who ruin everything they control.

Comment Re:Burning bridges (Score 1) 892

All this rhetoric about giving what you expect to get leaves out the very important fact that a worker and his boss are NOT equals in the first place.

Yes, we are. I do work that directly contributes to the bottom line and he takes care of the logistics to direct my efford to get the maximum benefit from them. It takes good people in both positions to achieve success.

Your boss is not obliged to give you the same respect he himself is due, simply because he's the boss and you are not.

I think you are confusing "boss" and "feudal lord". A "boss" is a task, not a title of nobility. Do not confuse the two.

As a prospective employer, I can and will judge you by how your previous boss thinks of you, because if I hire you, I will take his place, and it's reasonable to assume you will treat me the same way you treated your previous boss.

I treat my boss as a valuable member of the team. Should he not do the same, well, he'll still retain the underlings he deserves. As for you, you need to decide between people who're desperate enough to put up with being treated disrespectfully and professionals. It's one or the other, you can't have both no matter what the field. Should be an easy choice: do the wrong thing or be succesful. But then again, I guess I can't really know what kind of complexes might drive your behaviour.

Comment Re:at some point... (Score 1) 827

From my perspective, a 16 year old girl is fairly mature, having been through the whole hormones thing and come through enough life experiences flirting with boys and being targeted and horned after for years. I mean it starts in middle school, and they have boobs they have boys hitting on them.

14 year old girls being very much interested in sexual exploration is a real thing. 20, 30, 40 year old guys being very much capable of capitalizing on that to the supreme detriment of these young girls who will do anything unquestioningly is a real thing. 16 year old girls having immensely better sense than 14 year old girls in this regard is a real thing.

Let that sink in. 16 year old girls have immensely better sense and are better equipped to handle this situation.

Now: consider I'm comparing the student loan thing to sexual predation of 12-14 year old girls.

Because that really is where we stand. You're overestimating peoples' competence in understanding finances.

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