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Comment Re:The 400 reading is from atop Mauna Lua (Score 1) 232

Yes, it is reasonable to attempt to measure the amount of a gas in the atmosphere while standing on a major source of that very same gas because "[m]ost of the time... the prevailing winds blow the volcanic gasses away." What could possibly go wrong with that? I know, let's put the thermostat for your A/C directly over the stove because most of the time, the stove is off.

Comment Re:Master's degree in information systems (Score 2) 684

If we put everyone under this light then would a McDonalds have to hire anyone with a college degree?

McDonalds doesn't have to hire someone with a college degree if there is a valid reason not to do so. But, McDonalds already hires people for shift crew who have college degrees.

What about a retired CEO?

Yes, McDonalds will hire a retired CEO. They will hire an IT worker. They will hire just about anyone to be shift crew.

The turnover would be disasterous and nothing could function.

They do have a high turnover rate and it is not disastrous. High turnover is normal for the jobs in the fast food industry. One stands for hours at a time doing hard, hot work at odd hours and dealing with rude customers for little money.

My sister works as an assistant manager at McDonalds so I have close at hand knowledge.

Oh, and the turn over thing? It is a fallacy. Many people who go to jobs for which they are overqualified want to do the work. I applied to a number of jobs for which I was overqualified. I applied to the positions because I enjoy doing the work required of the position. Sure, it was a big pay cut, but I make good money so I don't have a lot of bills so the pay wasn't an issue. It was idiots like you, who assume that people never want to back down their job duties and responsibilities, that prevented me from doing work I love for a reasonable salary.

Comment Re:xkcd is overrated (Score 1) 187

If you don't want to use B.C. because it stands for "Before Christ", and as an atheist that offends you, fine, you have the right to make whatever calendar you want. But be more original that simply removing the periods and adding the letter E, and calling your result "Before the Common Era". You are still saying the Common Era starts with the birth of Jesus, and your calendar starts with (or near) that event. You are agreeing to tie yourself to the church, while acting like you won't stand for it.

Except our best thought at the moment is that Jesus Christ was born in ~4 BC due to a cockup by Dionysius in 525 AD when he invented the whole BC/AD thing - the accepted range is 2 BC to 7 BC.

'Common Era' uses the same dates as the Gregorian Calendar because it was already in common use as a standard. We have two whole months added by the Romans, the whole calendar has been messed with something chronic repeatedly, and the days of the week are largely named after pagan Gods, yet that doesn't stop the Christians using them, nor does the fact that Jesus was already a small boy when Christ was 'born'. Our calendar is absolutely a mongrel of many different cultures and civilizations, and the Christians don't get to claim it as solely their own.

Some people just don't like putting 'in the year of our Lord, Jesus Christ' at the end of the date, given they may well not be Christians and Christ isn't actually their Lord. Thus Common Era - usage of which incidentally dates back to 1615 at least. Complaining about that seems about as worthwhile as complaining that people dare to use the Gregorian calendar without also personally celebrating Easter, given that's what the whole purpose of the many christian revisions of that calendar was for in the first place.


Comment Record everything (Score 1) 195

Every conversation you have with the outgoing admin, record (with permission, of course). When they're showing you something a workstation, screen capture it. Write notes up for all of this the first while its still fresh. Have them walk you through each server, each device, and all the issue with it. You won't remember everything they've said, and they aren't going to do as great a job documenting things as you'd like during their last week, as they're head's already out the door.

Comment Re:I do this currently.. (Score 1) 278

Why use Powershell when one can use a GUI to set it up in a less than a minute? The same goes for the documentation. The setup wizard for my NVidia card is straight forward and intuitive. All configuration for Windows can be done from within the GUI. There is no reason to go into the registry or application specific folders.

Basically, you are using a false analogy. You are trying to say that one must do things in Windows in a way that is often needed for Linux and never needed by Windows.

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