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Comment Re:I do this currently.. (Score 1) 278

Why use Powershell when one can use a GUI to set it up in a less than a minute? The same goes for the documentation. The setup wizard for my NVidia card is straight forward and intuitive. All configuration for Windows can be done from within the GUI. There is no reason to go into the registry or application specific folders.

Basically, you are using a false analogy. You are trying to say that one must do things in Windows in a way that is often needed for Linux and never needed by Windows.

Comment Re:Similar Gay Boy Scout Ban (Score 1) 210

I might ask you the question of why you assume that a gay man is going to have sex with a child? If you are straight,, are you going to try to have sex with every feamale child you see? Do you assume Gay equals pedophile?

I do not assume that.
I am straight and I don't want to have sex with any female child.
I do not assume that gay equals pedophile.

I recognize that most pedophiles self-identify as heterosexual. I also recognize that a small subset of all people, heterosexual and homosexual, are pedophiles.

Even though I am not interested in little girls, I understand that it would be inappropriate for me to spend the weekend out in the woods with a troop of little girls. Not because of me being a threat, but because no heterosexual man should be in that position.


Comment Re:Similar Gay Boy Scout Ban (Score 1) 210

I'm not equating anything. I'm asking a simple question.

I have no sexual interest in 10 year old girls, I'm also not calling it discrimination and accusing people of bigotry for not wanting heterosexual men, like myself, to be out away from civilization in charge of young girls.

To recap. I am not a threat to 10 year old children of either gender. I'm also not naive. I understand that people who are interested in children seek out ways to get trusted access to them. Any heterosexual man would be looked at with suspicion if he were to make too much effort into gaining access to young girls. It's only normal to regard any gay man with suspicion if he's trying too hard to get access to little boys.


Comment Re:Proof it's U.S. Government owned (Score 1) 341

Silly boy, you don't understand. The government doesn't have to go after 300,000,000+ people in the country. Many will be on the side of the government. Many won't want to get involved. I know it is hard for you to understand because you are a paranoid idiot, but people who think like you are vanishingly rare.

Oh, I know what you are thinking "But, I saw V.....", but that was a movie based on a graphic novel, not reality. In reality, V would have been dead in a few days at most.

BTW, the only reason it "took the U.S. Government a trillion dollars and half a million soldiers to destroy the roughly 20,000 members of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan" was because of Iraq, embedded reporters, and an attempt to be nice because the war was televised. I know it is hard for someone as simple as you to understand, but if the U.S. had acted like it had in WWI and WWII, before televised war, the U.S. armed forces would have carpet bombed Iraq and Afghanistan. We would have dropped thousands of large, cheap, conventional bombs and daisy cutters to kill the enemy soldiers, then used bunker busters on the REMFs. They would have leveled cities and towns. They would have rounded up people in remote locations and put them in camps. They would have mined the passes they didn't want used. They would have dropped bunker busters and cluster bombs. They would have a much higher civilian casualty rate and no one would have known or cared. And, things would have been a lot different.

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