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Comment Re:A Better Question (Score 1) 104

Does your day job provides you with enough money to pay for the servers and bandwidth needed by a service like SnapChat? That is the infrastructure to handle about 4,500+ "snaps" a second. Oh, and don't forget the 30 employees SnapChat employs. Assuming they earn $50,000.00 per year, that is $1.5 million in salary per year.

I am sure that your day job is paying you the $2 million or so need to keep SnapChat or a similarly sized service running.

I am sure that "[n]ot everything [you] do is for profit" but your job is one of those things you do for profit. For Spiegel, SnapChat is his job, so he is doing it for profit. SnapChat's employees are working as their day job. They want the company to turn a profit so the keep getting paid, just as you want whatever company you work for to turn a profit so you continue to get paid because you still have a day job.

Comment The problem with free (Score 1) 104

Snapchat could emulate enterprise-centric vaporizing-message firms such as Silent Circle and start charging for subscriptions, but that would probably kill the service; a multitude of free rivals would likely spring up, with the express purpose of stealing irate customers away.

So, the end-user ends up with two choices

  1. pay for SnapChat, where all there contacts currently on.
  2. move to one or more of the new free services and hope you choose well and they don't go bust

Those new free services will still have a revenue problem. And, if one is better capitalized, then it may buy up it's rivals and have an even bigger revenue problem.

Everyone needs to eat. Servers need power. It costs money to run servers, pay for bandwidth, pay for facilities, and have employees. If a company has no revenue then it is going to fail eventually.

Comment Re:NSA logic at its best (Score 1) 199

The program as a whole hasn't worked.

That is a false statement, also know as a flat out lie. The article doesn't claim that the whole program hasn't work, rahter the article in question stated that "Program A didn't do B" when "Program A was never designed to do B". Perhaps you should stick with the facts.

Submission + - Nmap team releases 5 gigapixel favicon map 1

iago-vL writes: From the creators of Nmap comes the largest survey of this its kind ever performed: the favicon.ico files of over a million Web sites were scanned, compiled, and sorted to create a 5 gigapixel image, blowing their 2010 survey out of the water! It's searchable, zoomable, and incredibly fun to play with! Can you find Slashdot without cheating? (Hint: it's near Facebook)

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