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Comment Re:$873 million you say? Really? (Score 1) 128

Further reporting of this, especially from Canadian news outlets, go into much further detail regarding this aspect of the court judgement.

The Globe And Mail have a particularly good quote from one of the Facebook reps:

"It's certainly beyond his resources, and we have no illusions about getting all of the money," Mr. Schnitt said.

"We're going to get whatever we can. To the extent that he has resources, we're going to try and seize them."

Mr. Schnitt said he mainly hopes the case will act as a deterrent. "[The ruling] sends a message to spammers and would-be spammers," he said.

"We hope this demonstrates the extent to which we're going to expend resources and pursue people to protect users from spam."

They certainly *will* get this company shut down, and then (assuming they find Mr. Guerbuez, who most news stories claimed was notoriously difficult to find,) they'll go after him.

It may take a while, but they'll do it.



Submission + - BlueSecurity - Round Two!

user24 writes: "We all remember the Blue Security DDOS attack, and now it looks like the same group of spammers who took them down are attacking several high-profile anti spam forums in a similar co-ordinated botnet DDOS.

zdnet has the scoop:

"The spammers behind last year's destruction of Blue Security are back with a vengeance, using a variant of the 'Storm Worm' malware to launch a sustained distributed denial-of-service attack against three anti-spam services.

SpamhausThe ongoing attacks, which use botnets of hijacked Windows computers, successfully shut down the Web servers that power the Spamhaus Project, URIBL (Realtime URI Blacklists) and SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL)."

Check out the castlecops forum, where members of these antispam groups are picking over the details of the attack."

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