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Comment Re:Control freak (Score 4, Insightful) 543

You just know that he would have demanded that Linux be called 'GNU/Linux' and so on. He's known for turning down speaking engagements from people who refuse to do that, too.

I beginning to think Richard Stallman is techdom's Michael Jackson. Once brilliant, his past work is appreciated by all... but he currently exists in a vacuum where he lives off his dwindling reputation and fawning attention of a few creepy adoring fans while everyone else just scratches their heads and wonder what the hell happened to him.

Comment Re:Move Microsoft to India (Score 1) 1144

These always make me smile. Microsoft, the big bad outsourcer. You're going to move IBM as well? IBM is the largest consumer of L1 visas in the US. These are much more insidious than the evil H1-Bs, I suggest reading up on them.

I don't know if you've ever interacted with IBM - specifically IBM Global Services (aka IBM India), but lately I've been thinking that the only American left in that company is Palmisano. Everyone else has to be either Indian or Chinese. I jest - just slightly.

While you're at it, send all the large financial and services companies in the US. Heck, just transfer the entire Fortune 1000 over there. That will take care of your problems.

Oh and BTW, I love the "Ballmer was at it again" bit here. Any chance of the submitter actually mentioning which CEOs have lobbied Washington for increased quotas and more relaxed requirements? Naaah, that doesn't sell any ad impressions nowadays.

Comment Re:and this is different from other platforms... h (Score 1) 948

several apps written by Apple itself don't follow standard UI conventions

Not following interface guidelines in itself is quite common on both Windows and OS X, but that usually has nothing to do with the lack of a unified platform UI.

The Windows situation is even worse: there are several native toolkits there

You're confusing the shell's control library with the stack used to access it. On Windows when you write a .NET, WTL, MFC or plain Win32 application, you're still targeting the Windows shell native controls.

Comment I didn't cry (Score 1) 4

And I think he (Potts) sucks at singing.

I hate opera, so that might have something to do with it. But I do like the "crossover" artists like Andrea Boccelli and Sarah Brightman and that other british chick whose name I forget right now.

But Potts is nowhere near being a proper opera singer.


Submission + - SPAM: Big Armenian Genocide Lie. Did Talat Pasha Send ?

goliat1979 writes: "Big Armenian Genocide Lie. Did Talat Pasha Send Secret Telegrames Ordering Genocide? [spam URL stripped] Did Talat Pasha Send Secret Telegrames Ordering Genocide? Armenian propaganda claiming that so-called genocide was an Ottoman government policy requires proof that such a decision was in fact made. For this purpose the Armenians produced a number of telegrams attributed to Talat Pasha supposedly found by British forces commanded by General Allenby when they seized Aleppo in 1918. It was claimed that they were found in the office of an Ottoman official named Naim Bey, and that they could be destroyed only because the British occupation came with unexpected speed. Samples of these telegrams were published in Paris in 1920 by an Armenian author named Aram Andonian, (38) and they also were presented at the Berlin trial of the Armenian terrorist Tehlirian, who killed Talat Pasha. Nevertheless, the court neither considered these documents as "evidence" nor was involved in any decision claiming the authenticity of them. These documents were, however, entirely fabricated, and the claims deriving from them therefore cannot be sustained. They were in fact published by the Daily Telegraph of London in 1922, (39) which also attributed them to a discovery made by Allenby's army. But when the British Foreign Office enquired about them at the War Office, and with Allenby himself, it was discovered that they had not been discovered by the British army but, rather, had been produced by an Armenian group in Paris. In addition, examination of the photographs provided in the Andonian volume shows clearly that neither in form, script or phraseology did they resemble normal Ottoman administrative documents, and that they were, therefore, rather crude forgeries. Following the Entente occupation of Istanbul, the British and the French arrested a number of Ottoman political and military figures and some intellectuals on charges of war crimes. In this they were given substantial assistance by the Ottoman Liberal Union Party, which had been placed in power by the Sultan after the war, and which was anxious to do anything it could to definitively destroy the Union and Progress Party and its leaders, who had long been political enemies. Most of the prisoners were sent off to imprisonment in Malta, but the four Union and Progress leaders who had fled from the country just before the occupation were tried and sentenced to death in absentia in Istanbul. Three other Government officials were sentenced to death and executed, but it was discovered later that the evidence on which the convictions had been based was false. In the meantime, the British looked everywhere to find evidence against those who had been sent to Malta. Despite the complete cooperation of wome enthusraztic supporters such as the Ottoman Liberal Union (38) ANDONIAN, Aram, Documents Qfficiels concernant les Massacres Armmiens, Paris, Armenian National Delegation, 1920. (39) Daily Telegraph, 29 May 1922. government, nothing incriminating could be found among the Ottoman government documents. Similar searches in the British archives were fruitless. Finally, in desperation, the British Foreign Office turned to the American archives in Washington, but in reply, one of their representatives, R. C. Craigie, wrote to Lord Curzon: "I regret to inform your Lordship that there was nothing therein which could be used as evidence against the Turks who are at present being detained at Malta concrete facts being given which could constitute satisfactory incriminating evidence.... The reports in question do not appear in any case to contain evidence against these Turks which would be useful even for the purpose of corroborating information already in the possession of His Majesty's Government.''(40) Uncertain as to what should be done with prisoners, who already had been held for two years, without trial and without even any charges being filed or evidence produced, the Foreign Office applied for advice to the Law Officers of the Crown in London, who concluded on 29 July, 1921: "Up to the present no statements have been taken from witnesses who can depose to the truth of the charges made against the prisoners. It is indeed uncertain whether any witnesses can be found." (41) At this time the "documents" produced by Andonian were available, but despite their desperate search for evidence, which could be presented in a court of law, the British, never used them because it was evident that they were forgeries. As a result, the prisoners were quietly released in 1921, without charges ever having been filed or evidence produced. It is useful to reiterate that the main elements in the chain of evidence constructed in proving that Andonian's "documents" were all patent forgeries: 1. To show that his forgeries were in fact "authentic Ottoman documents" Andonian relied on the signature of the Governor of Aleppo, Mustafa Abdiilhalik Bey, which he claimed was appended to several of the "documents" in question. By examining several actual specimens of Mustafa Abdülhalik Bey's signature as preserved on contemporary official documents, it is established that the alleged signatures appended to Andonian's "documents" were forgeries. 2. In one of his forged documents, Andonian dated the note and signature attributed to Mustafa Abdülhalik Bey. Again, by a comparison with authentic correspondence between the Governor (40) 13 July 1921; British Foreign Office Archives 371/6504/8519 (41) British Foreign Office Archives 371/6504/E8745 Aleppo and the Ministry of the Interior in Istanbul, on the date in question, it is proven that the Governor of Aleppo on that date was Bekir Sami Bey, not Mustafa Abdulhalik Bey. 3. Consistently, Andonian's forgeries attest to the fact that he was either totally unaware of, or carelessly neglected to account for, the differences between the Muslim Rumi and Christian calendars. The numerous errors he made as a result of this oversight are, in and of themselves, sufficient to prove the fabricated nature of his "documents". Among other things, the errors Andonian made in this respect served to destroy the system of reference numbers and dates that he concocted for his "documents"."
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Submission + - Gmail Now Tells You Who You Should Email (

MojoKid writes: "Gmail continues to improve their mail client interface and within the last month, we've seen additions such as an Undo Send feature and YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Yelp Preview capabilities, as well as many other previous additions. Today, Gmail added a "suggest more recipients" feature which is useful but also a tad creepy. You see, the suggest more recipients feature can suggest people you should email based on previous conversations. In other words, if you've had threads going with a group of people, the next time you add a couple of those recipients to the address field, Gmail can recommend other people you might want to include as well."

Submission + - New privilege escalation exploits for Mac OS X (

xororand writes: Several exploits for Apple's Mac OS X are in circulation which have not yet been patched. In a short test carried out by the heise Security editorial team, one of the exploits allowed a Mac OS X 10.5.6 user with normal privileges to obtain root privileges. The problem is triggered when mounting malformed HFS disk images. The exploit consists of a shell script and some source code written in C. The C code generates the disk image which, when mounted, provokes the flaw that allows execution of code at root level.
The exploits are available here: (recent additions)

Comment Re:Misdirection (Score 1) 1147

Installing the average Linux distro is no longer hard either, and hasn't been for a few years, but that doesn't stop idiots from claiming it is when they're trying to come up with arguments against using that OS. Funny how that works, eh?

BSODs are caused by bad drivers and/or bad hardware, nothing more. Fix that and they go away. It's that simple. I'd feel stupid if I claimed my car sucks because I was putting in the wrong transmission fluid, so to fix the problem I just bought another car.

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