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Submission + - Everything you've read about Vista DRM is lies ( 2

Technical Writing Geek writes: "Self-described "professional paranoid" Peter Gutmann of the University of Auckland has become the most widely quoted source of information on DRM and content protection in Windows Vista. The trouble is, Gutmann's work is riddled with factual errors, distortions, contradictions, and outright untruths, and his conclusions are equally wrong."


Submission + - Java, Python, Perl, and Friends Killing VB?

justinchudgar writes: "Looks like Java might be the cure for Visual Basic addiction. Evan Data has found that VB and VB.NET use is down while use of Java and various scripting languages is rising. Can we hope that most development will be done in multi-platform languages in the near future?"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Overseas Employment Opportunity - Should I?

SonicSpike writes: "My aunt and uncle who are retired military are now civilian contractors for the US DoD in Germany. A position on their military base has come open doing basic IT/Windows admin for between $46-$60k/yr (USD) + a housing allowance. They want me to apply for the job because they think it would be good for me to live in Europe for a few years since I have grown up in the US. Honestly I dislike being cold, I don't like having a regular job (I'm mostly self-employed), and I can't speak a word of German. However I am 24, single, 2 years out of college and this be a raise (plus would pay off my debt and them some). Should I go for it? If so, why?"
The Media

Submission + - New video game report card surprisingly good

Unrated writes: The National Institute on Media and the Family has issued its 11th annual report card on the video game industry. The NIMF is much more positive towards the gaming industry than it has been in the past, even handing out a couple of A's (for console makers and large retail chains). Perhaps best of all, they are emphasizing that the ultimate responsibility lies with parents, giving parental involvement an incomplete. 'Game ratings, parental control systems, and vigilant retailers are very important links in the chain. But at the end of the day, it comes down to what the parents choose to let their children do. Or as the NIMF says in its report, "Simply put, parents need to step up to the plate."'
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Try City of Heroes/Villains Free

Daath writes: "Greato Scott! Boomtown, it seems, are giving away free license keys (valid for 14 days upon activation) if you want to try City of Heroes or City of Villains! You need to be a member of Boomtown, though. The offer is valid for both Boomtowns free and paid memberships, and you can invite friends to play with you too, by sending mails from the license give-away page.
Time to slay some super heroes!"
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - The 11 Best Geeky Board Games

zhez writes: "Today I'd like to present to you my list of all-time favorite geek board games. (Yes, "Mine goes to 11!") Some of you might find inspiration in here for a Christmas gift for yourself, a friend or a family member. However, If you claim to be a geek gamer and haven't heard of at least half of these games then your membership in the geek gamers club is hereby officially revoked. So say we all."

Submission + - Improving Gaming Through Biometrics

PreacherTom writes: Programmers have long used the feedback of gamers to determine how to improve what they put on the market. British company Bunnyfoot aims to take things to the next level. Their assessments take pains to record the heart rate, respirations, facial tension, and eye patterns of the test audience in order to fine-tune the games. If only their motives were completely altruistic: one of the primary goals of their project is to maximize the efficiency of embedded advertising.

Submission + - The 2006 Catalyst Advent Calendar

singingfish writes: "The Catalyst development team are pleased to announce that the 2006 Catalyst Advent Calendar is now running. Every day from now until the 24th of December we will be presenting examples, explanations and tips on using Catalyst, the flexible Perl web framework.

Day one contains a complete simple tutorial demonstrating how to write a simple Catalyst application with a single Controller, a Template Toolkit View and a single seasonally appropriate Model which talks to your system clock. This is all wrapped up in an article that explains how to use Catalyst with Subversion version control."

Journal Journal: Invention and Mallards 9

I think low rise long underwear would be a really good piece of clothing for someone to make. I have to wear long underwear under actual clothes, like dress pants because when I walk over a mile and it is 6 F out, I need a bit more than a thin layer of material on my legs. And having the long underwear come up at least 4 inches past my waist-line isn't very flattering. So, invent that and get back to me.

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - New Service Allows Gamers to Bet on Deathmatches

ReedyTwill writes: "Gamesradar reports that a new service called Skillground will allow gamers to play a few online, budget-quality games for cash. The bets are anywhere from 50 cents to $20, and whoever wins the match scores the pot. To avoid hustlers, a skill system ranks players according to the number of kills they've racked up, and supposedly "cutting-edge" technology is in place to prevent cheating when cash is on the line. Of course, Skillground takes their 15% from every pot.

This is the description of the service from the official site:

"SkillGround is the world's most rewarding online game arena where you can download real video games for free and play in a secure, fair environment for cash prizes or just for fun. People of all skill levels are welcome, and our proprietary skill ranking system ensures you will always find your match. All you need is a PC and a broadband connection to play. You can play for free for as long as you want on SkillGround or upgrade to a cash account and play for real cash prizes. SkillGround is committed to offering great gameplay experiences to our players and will be adding new games, levels and gameplay modes regularly. No matter what type of games you like, or what your level of ability, SkillGround has a game, and a match, for you!""

Submission + - Ktoon developers dropped the towel

hatredman writes: "Ktoon, the Open Source alternative to Macromedia Flash, is no more, ceased to be. On their website, developers complain about lack of money and little support (and code) from the community: "After several years trying to keep alive this dream, the project is broken. There is no money to pay developers and the code for the 0.9 version is frozen. After a couple of months, nobody has made a donation to us (not a penny). This is amazing, but true... everybody like this project but nobody helps with code or with money. Well, we tried... in few weeks, this website will be lost in time, like tears in rain." Looks like this is an ex-Ktoon."

Submission + - AJAX Insecure? Expert says No Way.

Anonymous Coward writes: "Jeremiah Grossman (CTO of WhiteHat Security) has published Myth-Busting an article dismissing the hyped-up claims that AJAX is insecure. He says: "The hype surrounding AJAX and security risks is hard to miss. Supposedly, this hot new technology responsible for compelling web-based applications like Gmail and Google Maps harbors a dark secret that opens the door to malicious hackers. Not exactly true." ... "Word on the cyber-street is that AJAX is the harbinger of larger attack surfaces, increased complexity, fake requests, denial of service, deadly cross-site scripting (XSS) , reliance on client-side security, and more. In reality, these issues existed well before AJAX. And, the recommended security best practices remain unchanged.""

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