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Comment Re:Going to have a hard time topping modern remake (Score 1) 173

I was a fan of Elite on the C64, I tried Oolite, and it is indeed an excellent port of Elite. I also found it to be no fun at all: requiring time I don't have anymore and lacking the richness I'm used to find in games nowadays. The other game I loved on the C64 was paradroid, there is also an open source port (free Droid), same problem. My expectations and sense of fun have changed in 20 years.

Comment Re:How does an expensive SMS make them money? (Score 1) 111

You would still have to prove that they are responsible for the hack. The fact that their legitimate (if silly) business benefits from some hacked code does not prove they are responsible for the hack.

Or turn the problem around: if one provider of telecom services is ever condemned without any other proof than the fact they benefit from a hack, the bad guy just change their business model to extortion.

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