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Comment Re:Not privacy (Score 2) 174

The problem is that the phone companies believe that those call records are made on their systems and belong to them. The credit card companies own the transaction records between you and some merchants. Just because your name is in it, they don't believe that it is your information or that you have any control over it. Copyright does not apply to facts and its tough to draw a line anywhere over what should be private.

Comment Re:Study and practice this in private. (Score 3, Insightful) 90

Ignore the naysayers. Do what you love. As for programming, professionals have created more security nightmares than amateurs.

Model of Consciousness seems a bit ambitious. Something easy to measure and readily available is how to hit a baseball. A fastball is moving faster than your eyes can track it, so you have to create an internal model of where it's going and swing a mechanical system (your arm and the bat) at the right time and place to knock it into the stands. It would be interesting to determine what inputs the brain uses and model the control system.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 293

Ford is doing a recall on an event that occurred at roughly 8 times less rate than Teslas fires. They didn't gloss over it and say everything is perfect. They analyzed the costs of the lawsuits vs the recall and came to the conclusion that the recall would be less expensive. It's a voluntary recall.


Comment Re:The peril of new technology (Score 2) 293

The common thread in all those changes is cost. Digital tuning and volume control is cheaper than analog. A single touch panel replaces a bunch of separate controls. They don't have to change back even when it is unsafe because all of the manufacturers do the same thing so it is "industry standard practice".

Comment Misses the point (Score 2) 115

From the article: Instead of paying new employees during an onboarding and training period, business can now require employees to take a “free course” before paying them a dime.

The next step is when companies start suggesting the problems they would like to have solved for course credit. The course is "free" to the participant,but somebody is paying the bills, and that somebody expects to get something of value.

Comment Re:in sue happy america (Score 1) 519

anybody can sue anybody for anything. it doesn't mean you'll win, and even if you do your winnings may pale in comparison to your legal costs.

Once I sued my neighbor because her cat kept defecating in my potted plants. Judge said that I couldn't show any actual monetary damages, so that was the end of that.

and who says there are too many frivolous lawsuits? If I were the judge I'd have thrown it out because you directed the suit to the wrong target. You should have sued the cat.

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