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Comment Re:Mars Need Women... (Score 1) 561

Fine. I'll settle the argument once and for all. I'll force myself to fly in a rocket to mars with 50 women who also want to settle this question. We'll get it on in the rocket on the way and after we arrive on mars. Damn! But the things I'm willing to force myself to do for Science! -Goran

Submission + - Your chance to Be Batman (buybatparts.com)

sirgoran writes: The original 1960s Batmobile was the dream car for a generation of superhero fans. Now for $150,000, Fiberglass Freaks will build you one.

Officially licensed, the Batcar take six months to build and features a red flashing beacon, a radar screen, a retractable gold colored Batbeam and a dashboard DVD player — presumably to watch Adam West while you act like him.

For an added touch, the flamethrower effect, caused by the Batmobile's turbine engine has been reproduced with a trunk-mounted propane tank. Only eight cars per year will be built,so get in line for yours now!

Comment Re:I still have a 5.25" floppy from high school... (Score 1) 375


Our school district didn't have the money for anything computer related until 1978. They bought 2 TRS-80's and one apple II for both High Schools and thought it would be enough for the next 5 years. Then apple gave our district a grant to buy more. It was their way to thumb their noses at the HP plant in town. It did get HP to fund system upgrades the year after I graduated however.

My first home computer was a hand-me-down IBM XT with an 8088 chip in it.
Even had the expansion memory board in it.
The 20meg FM Hard drive was the most fun. Had to park the head before shutting down.
Thought I was pretty hot stuff when I stuck a 2400baud modem in it to "surf" the web.
Ended up selling it for $50.00 in 1995

Good golly but it was a heap of junk. But at the time it was really cool!


Submission + - Set free your inner jedi or pyro... (dailytech.com)

sirgoran writes: We've all thought about being the hero fighting off evil doers and saving the day ever since we first saw Star Wars. The folks at Wicked Lasers have now made that a little closer to reality with their latest release. A 1Watt blue diode laser that can set skin and other things on fire. From an article at daily tech they talk about the dangers of such a powerful laser. "And here's the best (or worst) part — it can set people (or things) on fire. Apparently the laser is so high powered that shining it on fleshy parts will cause them to burst into flames. Of course it's equally capable of blinding people." The thing that caught my eye was the price, $200.00! I wonder if they'll be able to meet the demand since this will be on every geeks Christmas list...

The White House Listed On Real Estate Website 123

Forget visiting the White House, if you have $10 million you can own it. At least that is the price for the president's home on the real estate website Redfin. From the article: "Obviously this is an error. It looks like Redfin software pulled an example listing from the website Owners.com by mistake. That example listing was the White House. We have e-mailed Redfin for comment." I know it's historic but it still looks a bit on the high side according to the comparables in the area.

Submission + - Flying Borg Honeycomb (cnet.com)

smitty777 writes: The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has created some simple flying robots that can dock with each other in mid-air. The plastic, single prop robots can fly into the air separately and join to create a multi-unit conglomeration. As interesting as this sounds, I've been scratching my head trying to figure out a good application for this technology. Perhaps they could take off as a unit and break apart later to perform tasks? Apparently, the grouped configuration is a bit more difficult to control than the individual units.

Anti-Speed Camera Activist Buys Police Department's Web Domain 680

Brian McCrary just bought a website to complain about a $90 speeding ticket he received from the Bluff City PD — the Bluff City Police Department site. The department let its domain expire and McCrary was quick to pick it up. From the article: "Brian McCrary found the perfect venue to gripe about a $90 speeding ticket when he went to the Bluff City Police Department's website, saw that its domain name was about to expire, and bought it right out from under the city's nose. Now that McCrary is the proud owner of the site, bluffcitypd.com, the Gray, Tenn., computer network designer has been using it to post links about speed cameras — like the one on US Highway 11E that caught him — and how people don't like them."

Life-size Eva Unit 01 Being Built In Japan 80

JoshuaInNippon writes "Japan has gone life-size anime model crazy. Last year there was the robotic 1:1 Gundam model that guarded Tokyo for a few months in the summer to mark the series' 30th anniversary, and then there was the giant Gigantor moment that opened in Kobe in the fall in honor of the city's rejuvenation from the devastating 1995 earthquake. Now, an amusement park near Mt. Fuji named Fuji-Q Highland is building an Eva Unit 01 from the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series, or at least a bust of it, in conjunction with the series' recent movies. The bust will sit in a replica hanger, and reportedly stand around 9 meters tall. Visitors will have the chance, for a little extra money, to have their photo taken in the unit's cockpit, where the series' protagonist-of-sorts Shinji Ikari normally sits. The attraction is set to a cost of over US$1.6 million to build, and open on July 23 of this year. It will also undoubtedly be swamped by crazed fans looking the opportunity to bring their anime dreams to life."

Comment The problem as I see it... (Score 1) 804

Is that the girl who is getting punished is NOT the girl who brought the candy. The State policy says that they won't limit what parents send their own kids. But the kid that's being punished was given the candy by another student. In short, the kid that brought the candy should be the one getting punished for passing it out to other students. After all, her parents can make the call for giving their kid candy, but their kid shouldn't be passing it out to others. What's to then prevent a kid from slipping a candy to another kid with the intent of getting another kid in trouble? My two cents is that they busted the wrong kid.


3rd-Grader Busted For Jolly Rancher Possession 804

theodp writes "A third-grader in a small Texas school district received a week's detention for merely possessing a Jolly Rancher. Leighann Adair, 10, was eating lunch Monday when a teacher confiscated the candy. Her parents said she was in tears when she arrived home later that afternoon and handed them the detention notice. But school officials are defending the sentence, saying the school was abiding by a state guideline that banned 'minimal nutrition' foods. 'Whether or not I agree with the guidelines, we have to follow the rules,' said school superintendent Jack Ellis."

Comment It's had a good run (Score 1) 435

Roundup has been in use for as long as I can remember, 40+ years. It's great due to it's ability to kill a plant completely and then breakdown in the soil to inert ingredients. But I have to wonder if part of the problem with the weeds becoming resistant is due to the bacteria used to make the roundup ready crops. Seems that it's more possible for a bacteria to be passed from one plant to another, and since the first resistant strain was found in 2000, there has been ten years for the bacteria to spread to other weeds.

Perhaps it's time to not create crops that are safe to spray with herbicides and just find a better way to weed the farm by machine. Perhaps after harvest and just before planting a farmer could spray the fields with roundup and kill any weeds. Then after a couple of weeks, plant the seed and while waiting for the crops to grow, a new line of machine could be built that would make it possible to weed out any non-crop plants. In the long run it would be cheaper for the farmer since a machine would be cheaper to reuse than the high cost of roundup ready seeds, and the cost of spraying once the crop is growing.

It's a great product and I've used it myself for home use for over 35 years.

Just wish I could get my wife on board with its use. She feels I have a heavy hand with it.


Comment Re:Draconian Measures (Score 1) 396

Too late.

One of my former employers does this. They also run EVERY phone call past a human. The operator then reports to the owner on the length and subject of your in-coming and out-going calls. In short, if it isn't work related you had better get ready to clean out your desk.

I got a 90-day probation warning due to my wife calling and asking me "to call home when I left work" because she wanted me to stop at the store. Total time spent on the call, less than one minute. Had I gotten another warning in that 90-day period, I would have been fired.

The same applied to internet and email traffic. Problem was, I was in the IT department and had to justify anything I did. Even in client emails, if the client said "Have a great weekend" in an email on Friday, I had to explain why a client was telling me to have a good weekend. The owner figured you might have something going with her clients on the side and that would then be grounds for dismissal.

Glad that company is now virtually dead. Down from the over 100 employees to just 12.


Comment Re:finger (Score 1) 470

Actually he's probably the ass hat that ruined it for the rest of us.
All that constant fingering without so much as a "how-do-you-do" pissed off the girl so much that we're all fighting an uphill battle to get women to like us. Bastard... I'm betting he's also the guy that ruined the "surprise in the popcorn box" stunt while watching a movie with your lady friend.

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