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Comment Wanted: (Score 0) 99

100 females with model like figures ( purely for fitness purposes), and possibly naive,
to escape to a radiation free zone on mars to repopulate the human race.
- Applicants without pictures and physical measurements will be rejected.
- Nude photos in various enticing positions will be a plus.

Comment Patents will become worthless (Score 1) 150

By patenting these kinds of ridiculous things you are making the world laugh at you.
In time a real company with something really worth patenting, will not be able to protect their invention because nobody else in the world will
take American patents seriously. I cringe when I read about stuff like this and when you combine it with the criminal element in the American
corporate environment, it does not give people a favorable impression/outlook on American's in general.
Here in Canada American is rapidly becoming a dirty word.

Comment Re:Someone has to ask (Score 1) 147

"Designer Stefan Ulrich has come up with what could be an early prototype of a real body pillow girlfriend. He calls it Funktionide, an "emotional robot" that changes form depending on how you hold it. Combined with advanced robotics, this could yield something that is soft, cuddly, humanoid, and capable of intelligent conversation. Yes, and it breathes"

Comment Re:TerraForm First ? (Score 1) 193

"You do not have to look to the outer edges of the solar system, or even out beyond Neptune to observe a reservoir of comets. A bevy of the ice-containing bodies lies disguised as main-belt asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, claim astronomers from the University of Hawaii, US."

Well... scientists want to land on asteroids and comets and figure out how to change their course to protect earth, this would be a good way to experiment with that and kill two birds with one stone. A comet is a large ice cube so to steer it would require just a heater that is moveable.

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