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Comment Re:I keep trying (Score 1) 483

Thanks for your insighful comment: The recovery disk images are completely useless because neither the SATA CD nor the SATA HD (or any other post IBM-PC device for that matter) work when you reinstall Vista.
It's also interesting that you think you can prove Vista is perfect by telling us that you could not install Windows 7 correctly.

Comment Re:I keep trying (Score 2, Informative) 483

Acer doesn't ship CD's with their desktops, and when the harddisk dies there's no drivers on that disk either.
You can find SATA drivers and burn them on CD if you have a different system available, but the SATA driver messes up the Acer SATA CD-player, so you then need a second CD drive to continue the installation.
You clearly haven't installed Windows on an empty system disk, as you seem to be unaware of these amusing practical details.

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