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Comment This is so fake it's absurd. (Score 1) 185

Explain to me how this is even remotely possible? Let's take something simple. Monitor displaying the number 5 and monitor displaying the number 4. How do the glasses know whether it's a 5 or 4? The computer is relaying the information to the monitor and not to the glasses. The liquid crystal film (LCD) is normally connected to the computer through the monitor. How is it connected now? This is such obvious bullshit that I don't understand how anyone could even consider it.

Comment You are totally wrong son. (Score 1) 473

Actually it's the opposite. It's BECAUSE of the undeveloped countries that the population explodes. It's because the rich and powerful 1%'ers keep the undeveloped world undeveloped that we have these exorbitant population increases. It's FACT that fertility rates (number of children born to an average couple) in undeveloped countries are high and low in developed countries like western countries. If the Big banks like the IMF would stop preventing developed countries from creating industry and wealth for their populations, the fertility rate in those countries would go down. People who have jobs and are happy spend less time fucking than those who have nothing.

Comment I find it funny that you are so uneducated. (Score 1) 1229

Refusing to buy GM foods is IMPOSSIBLE. GM foods aren't labeled as GM foods. You have no way to know that any food item you buy is GM. I also find it funny that you are so uneducated as to be totally ignorant of the fact that companies like Monsanto create these GM foods in order to force farmers to buy their seed (yes potatoes are just like seed and are used to grow new potatoes). Companies like Monsanto contaminate the farms of those who refuse to buy seed from them with their PATENTED GM seeds then they SUE those farmers for using their PATENTED seeds when they were the ones who contaminated the land through cross pollination accomplished by merely driving by a field and throwing a handful of their patented seed in the field. These people are HEROES and should be commended for their service to humanity for destroying these evil crops.

Comment Actually, it's a GOOD day for safe food. (Score 1) 1229

The people don't want their food to be genetically modified. The purpose of genetically modifying food is to patent crops with the result being the control of all food by companies like Monsanto. We don't want them to control our food. We don't want to have to use their seed when we can save our own seed. If the government refuses to listen to the will of the people then the people have every right and even the responsibility to destroy those crops to protect themselves and their future generations.

Comment The second issue I have with this guys argument is (Score 1) 220

The Judge mentioned that he noticed a low number of motions to quash in these types of ex parte expedited discovery cases. Ex parte means without notice to the accused. The low number is more than likely the result of the policies of the particular ISP's in regards to giving notice to the subscriber that there is a subpoena for their information.

The judge rightly noticed this discrepancy along with the fact that in some cases the IP holder was not the infringing party. The motion to quash is an essential right of the accused so they can tell the court "hey, I live in an apartment bldg with 20 people who could be leeching off my wireless therefore the subpoena should be quashed because there isn't enough probable cause that I am the infringer".

The ex parte discovery process for that many people is likely to violate someone's rights and this is why the judge denied it.

Comment This guy is wrong on some points. (Score 1) 220

I think this guy is wrong.

The reason it's not reasonable to give out a subpoena for 1000 "John Does" is that the judge is not allowed to use the probability ratio that, as you stated, 90 percent of the IP holders are the actual infringers as a basis for probable cause for the subpoena. He must have probable cause for EACH individual person as a separate entity. This is the reason he mentioned that some are assigned to Universities.

For example. Say you are one of those John Does and you live in an apartment building with 3 floors and 7 apt's per floor. You live on the second floor in the center most apartment. You have unsecured WiFi. The probability that you are the infringer is now potentially only 1 in 21. That would not provide probable cause for the subpoena.

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