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Comment Re:Of course it is. (Score 1) 769

I learned something new today too, apparently I was wrong about ls being equal to "list". Neat. Now, regarding ls being only two characters from the middle of the word, afaik that is purely historical, and comes from the early terminals where memory was a super-huge concern. That's why many of the basic commands dating from the early days of UNIX are so short - to conserve on typing and memory. As jimicus states later downthread, at this point changing it to something more sensible would cause more harm than good.

But in the end you're right, it's all what you've learned. To someone who has never used computers, they might expect "show files" to be a command, or something similar.

For anyone else following along, I found a handy DOS->bash chart here. For those reading wanting some bash-love, I highly recommend The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

Comment Re:Of course it is. (Score 1) 769

How about this? Man = MANual; ls = LiSt. What it sounds like you need is a Windows -> UNIX command line tutorial, not general help. After all, you learned "dir" from scratch at one point; to those of us who grew up using List (LS), a terse command like "dir" doesn't make a lot of sense either. And yes, I left out grep because there typically wasn't a great Windows equivalent.

FWIW, I grew up on DOS/Windows, so I do understand your points, and felt your pain. However, just like getting accustomed to DOS, once you get accustomed to BASH/ksh/csh/your-favorite-shell you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Comment Re:Excessive? (Score 1) 135

Exactly - the clueless user is the target here. The technical users already know why they should jailbreak, and how to do it safely. Apple isn't worried about them because that crowd will always exist. However, they could leverage these worms to urge non-techies away from even thinking about jailbreaking. For instance, in the eyes of the average user, they could make jailbreaking synonymous with worms. Everybody here on /. knows jailbreak != worms, but what about everyone who reads Google News?

Comment Re:Good for apple (Score 1) 1078

I think you will find that many smokers readily accept their responsibility as smokers. However, no smoker can stand the attitude often held by non-smokers. If I, as a smoker, am being considerate enough to not smoke near you, could you be considerate enough not to call me a filthy disgusting pig?

Comment Re:Okay.... (Score 1) 664

I went and RTFA (and I'm not even new around here!). They have pretty much the same boot process as with Android devices. A read-only, signed firmware that passes control off to a R/W chip. I strongly recommend this link, but keep going and read all their security design docs. It is much more than just a small linux + Firefox + blahblah. Yeah, they're doing stuff any other manufacturer could be doing with linux, but this looks to be a very interesting set of designs and rules.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 881

Geez..I dunno what it is but I have a soft spot for animals. I mean, I can watch a slasher movie where Freddie or Jason chainsaws 20+ teens into pieces, BUT...let them kick one dog....and I'm outta there.

Y'know, I feel the same way; I think it has to do with the concept of innocence. An animal - particularly a dog - only knows what it is taught. We as humans find something valuable in that. I think the reason we have an easier time with the slasher films is because we figure, well, they're just another group of dumbass people who probably put themselves into the bad situation -- the dog doesn't have that same choice.

Comment Re:Windows Upgrades (Score 1) 570

Standard disclaimer: YMMV, etc.

My main machine went from Vista SP0 to W7 beta1, then upgrades from beta1 thru various builds until final. Machine runs like a top, no problems.

MacBook got W7 beta1, and upgraded along the same paths up to final.

My third machine is running Vista SP1, and cannot - ever - run the upgrade to W7 final properly; it always dies somewhere in the process.

Now, the worst part to me is not that the second machine does not upgrade, but rather after the failure all it can tell me is "Upgrade was unsuccessful". Gee, thanks. Gonna tell me the sky is blue next?

I couldn't even guess what magic combination of things will make the upgrade process happy.

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