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Comment My Desk is my cupboard (Score 1) 172

In one drawer we have cans of beans, romulan noodles, micro popcorn, ketchup, wasabi amonds, sesame sticks, apricots, two baking potatoes, tea and bubble gum.

In another drawer we have pistachio nuts, two flavors (plain and chili lemon), spicy seaweed, lifesavers, candied ginger, vegie chips and lifesavers candys.

I don't snack often, but am well prepared for the repocalypse.

Comment Re:Instead of the FUD... (Score 2) 320

Say what you will about Apple devices (like the iPad), their devices don't run hot and they are silent or all but silent.

So why did Apple have those things right 5 years ago, but MSFT still can't do it?

Microsoft are scared to death that markets are abandoning them for mobile computing - i.e. tablets and smart phones, which is largely true. Dell and HP have seen sharp declines in demand for desktops and laptop computers. Most peopl never needed them, but got them because these devices allowed them to do some thing which were important to them, such as social networking, checking email, reading news, shopping, etc. Microsoft is very late to the dance and are trying to wedge themselves in the same way they have in other markets. They will likely hemorrage cash for a while and either carve out a piece or concede defeat.

Comment Re:Instead of the FUD... (Score 3, Insightful) 320

40C degrees (or 104F) is colder than your bath water

True. However you don't want a 104F notebook sitting on your lap. It makes you sweat quite a bit and is uncomfortable. It absolutely won't burn your or anything like that. But it sucks to have a machine that warm on your lap.

And to generate all that heat requires current, which is why the batteries aren't lasting as long as they should for something like this.

Steve Jobs, for all his evils understood the concept of a complete package, get everything right (aside antennas, apparently) before rolling it out. This thing smacks of rushed to market.

Expect big sudden price drops.

Comment Re:Memo to investors: (Score 1) 217

More importantly, they are getting Dell tech support.

My condolences.

Actually Dell's Enterprise level support is fairly good. Fortunately I haven't had much experience with consumer level support.

Back in the early days of the company had excellent quality products and support was excellent. Much more recently we've elimitated them as a source due to quality issues. Doesn't matter how good the support is if the machines keep failing.

Comment The Bar Has Been Lowered (Score 3, Insightful) 665

No longer do you need a sleazy music company executive to steal your rights and material, a posh recording studio, expensive band or studio musicians. You can now make up your own music in the comfort of your own home and sell it yourself. Perhaps, after all the megastars and millions and billions extracted by an industry, we are coming back to the common music of the people, no more difficult to obtain than to go down to the pub and listen to a band of minstrels who wandered into town.

You want quality music, you pay for quality music. You want garage music, you pay far less.

Comment Re:here comes more nuclear power (Score 4, Insightful) 141

say goodbye to anything that was a renewable energy movement of any sort.

Nonsense - he got the project started, now it's time for new people to come in and make it succeed.

As Winston Churchill was the man for the PM job during WW II, he was not the man to lead the UK through peace at the end of the war.

I for one thank him for his efforts. If we can't stop our need for using energy, at least we can find better sources of it with don't mess with the environment or geopolitics.

Comment And thus... (Score 1) 141

At one Innovation Hub, for example, researchers who are inventing new materials that can absorb sunlight or split water are working together with engineers who are building prototypes that could use those materials to generate fuel from sunlight.

And thus became the driving force for ridiculing the current administrations energy policy as it doesn't revolve around "Drill, baby, drill!"

Plants do it, why can't we devise mechanisms and processes to use sunlight to create fuel from water, rather than keep pulling that problematic gunk out of the ground.

Comment Re:"35mm DSLR" (Score 1) 316

For the record, I believe that most DSLRs actually have APS (24mm?) sensors. Only the high-end ones have something roughly comparable to the "35mm" file frame.

I was an early adopter of digital photography, taking many pictures, which still hold up relatively well considering they were taken with a 2 megapixel camera. I've explored limitations and utter fail in how designers of digital cameras completely missed the mark for how they would need to be used.

Largest problem was in how long it took to shift various settings around to get an optimal exposure, something which could be done in a fraction of a second on my old film camera, where practice and experience produced wonderful results. Digital cameras largely made up for this with the ability to take a lot of pictures and then keep the one you like, rather than taking about three pretty good pictures and chosing the best among them.

More recently low end digital cameras have expounded their marvelous Megapixel rating, never mind much of this was empty resolution derived from whatever a processor extrapolated a jpeg to. Image quality for a "14 megapixel" camera could be no better than my old 2 megapixel. Optical Zoom is your friend, Digital Zoom is garbage, only saving you the step of taking a picture and blowing up the interesting bit - there is no magic way to get detail from a blow-up which you didn't have before, particularly in lossy jpeg compression.

At 20 or greater Megapixel Full Frame cameras are finally getting to where higher quality film cameras resided in terms of capture. Convenience of many camera phones produces quick photos, but usually they suffer because they are noisy and rely on tiny lens rather than having the benefit of a larger sensor exposed to much more light through a far greater apperature.

Now you have a Full Frame camera, you should do all your shooting in RAW mode. Memory is cheap and you can always scale downward with Photoshop at home.

Comment Re:Beowolf cluster (Score 3, Funny) 77

You laugh. This planet is pretty active. Although a quick perusal of recent Alaska activity doesn't show much unusual stuff, we've had a RM 7 and 6 quake on Queen Charlotte / Fairweather fault that's been quiet for the past decade or so (a blink in the geological eye). Time to get off my ass and bolt down the diesel tanks some more.

The fun thing about today's technology is that we can actually see the actual magnitude of volcanism on the planet in pretty much real time. Never had that ability before.

I live on the Ring of Fire. I'm aware on a daily basis of the threats to my welfare, though I'm less than an ant on a beachball to the forces of plate tectonics. If it happens, it happens. If I survive, maybe I'll move somewhere safe ... say, New Madrid, Missouri. (c:

Comment Re:Zero! (Score 1) 217

I won't send text messages at all. The rates are ridiculous. They're marginally free for the phone companies, since they fit them into the "hey, phone, where are you?" packets that the network is sending anyway. Send me an email instead, an email that reads "Sorry, I'm getting off your lawn!"

Cost isn't my factor, it's I couldn't be bothered If I'm going to interact it's through a phone call.

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