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Comment Re:Wrong demographic (Score 1) 113

I could test my theory after this weekend and see if any of the ones I know from work would have shown any interest in taking a serious stab at this kind of problem, but the image is too blurry to be useful. I can still recognize the symbols that are there, like integration and summation, but the actual values and limits associated with them are illegible.

Comment Non-story (Score 4, Interesting) 251

So if you own a AMD system you will not receive audio, chipset, video, or any other drivers for your XP system and must upgrade or use an outdated legacy version.

Ummm, yeah. Microsoft is going to stop releasing security patches for the OS. If you're still running XP, using older video drivers should be the least of your concerns.

Comment I can't wait! (Score 0) 395

For a few months I am consulting in San Jose and driving from Berkeley. I can't wait for all of those folks to move to the cities and get off the roads! Typical commute is 1.5 hours to drive no more than 49 miles. Even getting on the road at 6 AM doesn't beat the traffic.


ICANN Set To Broaden World of Domain Names 41

hypnosec writes "ICANN, as a step towards expanding global top level domain names, has approved a new Domain Name Registrar Accreditation Agreement that is expected to bring about waves of continued improvements in the domain name ecosystem (PDF). The new agreement is a result of efforts of over a year of negotiations that took place between ICANN and Registrar Stakeholders Group. The new agreement brings quite a few improvements, including making it mandatory for registrars to appoint a point-of contact for reporting abuse, and to establish registrar responsibilities for reseller compliance, enhancement of compliance tools, audit rights, and certification requirements, among others."

Comment Re:Only a fucking moron (Score 3, Interesting) 395

Cheaper, better, faster. You can only pick two.

You can only live in the core urban city if you're wealthy. Being urban education is an abject joke, you live their with children knowing full well you'll be spending over 10 grand a year on private education for them.

The outer ring around the urban center is mainly lower-middle class to poor. These are the children that go to the urban public schools.

The second outer ring is primarily the sub-burbs. Typically 40 to 80 miles out from the core. The people that live here are solid middle class. Their children go to public schools that rate anywhere from fair to very good.

So in summary starting from the center urban city on out ranks as the following group of people. Wealthy - Poor - Middle class. In that order.

Comment Re:Cop-out (Score 1) 75

Any technology that has been invented, eventually would have been (because we now know it's possible). While not a direct quote, it's what Edward Teller said more or less of the Hydrogen Bomb. That, and we would have been speaking Russian now had we (the US) not pursued the H-Bomb program.

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