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Comment Re:Wrong demographic (Score 1) 113

I could test my theory after this weekend and see if any of the ones I know from work would have shown any interest in taking a serious stab at this kind of problem, but the image is too blurry to be useful. I can still recognize the symbols that are there, like integration and summation, but the actual values and limits associated with them are illegible.

Comment Non-story (Score 4, Interesting) 251

So if you own a AMD system you will not receive audio, chipset, video, or any other drivers for your XP system and must upgrade or use an outdated legacy version.

Ummm, yeah. Microsoft is going to stop releasing security patches for the OS. If you're still running XP, using older video drivers should be the least of your concerns.

Comment I can't wait! (Score 0) 395

For a few months I am consulting in San Jose and driving from Berkeley. I can't wait for all of those folks to move to the cities and get off the roads! Typical commute is 1.5 hours to drive no more than 49 miles. Even getting on the road at 6 AM doesn't beat the traffic.


ICANN Set To Broaden World of Domain Names 41

hypnosec writes "ICANN, as a step towards expanding global top level domain names, has approved a new Domain Name Registrar Accreditation Agreement that is expected to bring about waves of continued improvements in the domain name ecosystem (PDF). The new agreement is a result of efforts of over a year of negotiations that took place between ICANN and Registrar Stakeholders Group. The new agreement brings quite a few improvements, including making it mandatory for registrars to appoint a point-of contact for reporting abuse, and to establish registrar responsibilities for reseller compliance, enhancement of compliance tools, audit rights, and certification requirements, among others."

Comment Wrong demographic (Score 1) 113

Typos in the problem aside, most engineers I know wouldn't have either the inclination or ability solve that kind of problem. The reactions to it would vary from x "I forgot that shit as soon as I graduated".to a full blown "wtf".

And between both my wifes job and my own, we actually know actually quite a lot of engineers.

That is clearly a problem for mathematicians, not engineers.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 458

Did you post this? (seeing as how you're posting as an AC and all...)

It's still a higher form of life than the propaganda sponge that believes every word the establishment commands them to think.

That's loony.

I'm not so sure. I do believe most biologists would classify primates as a higher form of life than sponges.

Comment Re:"Ego trip" (Score 2) 458

Much confusion is caused by people considering either of the two parties "Left" or "Right". They're both "Right" in the sense that they are not representing organized labour and both represent sections of capitalism. Granted, the democrats usually represent the smarter sections (white collar, Silicon Valley, high tech) and the Republicans more the older entrenched sections (defense contractors, oil, heavy industry, agriculture). The whole idea one section of capital is somehow progressive and the other is not, is a bit silly: one section is just a bit smarter than the other, but both will do whatever it takes to hold on to power.

Still, I'd rather be ruled by smart overlords who try to avoid blowing up the planet (and just get a blow job instead of blown-up), than by rather dumb overlords who say into open mikes that nukes are on the way to Moscow. But don't assume either one of them has your best interests at heart. It's more that one party has more interests in common with us than the other.

Comment Re:So it's going to be downvoted. (Score 2) 403

Which wasn't a point for most of the people who were buying a new laptop or similar system. USB printers still worked fine, same with mouse, keyboards etc. It was a very minor subset of people who had a problem with Vista.

And when I recently switched from Vista to Windows7, it was very hard to spot the difference.

Comment Re:AltaVista (Score 1) 176

Granted, that was back when "" was an invalid URL and you had to use "" to get a printer driver, but still....

Was that also back in the day when the search engine was

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