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Comment Re:Blood on his hands (Score 2, Interesting) 489

The war in Afghanistan is a direct result of american soil being attacked. I'm Canadian, and our troops are (rightfully) there in support of our American friends. The taliban government harboured Al'Queda, including those who did the 9/11 attacks. By allowing their territory to be used in the attack they committed an attack on all of Nato. The only surprising thing (to me) about all of this is that instead of devoting the bulk of your military resources to nailing down and hunting for the perpetrators of these attacks, your government went off and invaded Iraq instead.

The taliban still need to be destroyed. Afghanistan still needs massive amounts of reconstruction. For all the resources that have been applied, more still need to be applied. We are not in Afghanistan to prop up a fledgling democracy, we are not there to promote human rights. We are there to destroy a fundamentalist movement, and more effort needs to be spent in order to succeed.

Or we can let Afghanistan fall, again. They'll harbour enemies of the west, again.

Comment Why would you buy an OS with no browser? (Score 1) 578

No doubt MS's tactics during the height of the v4 browser wars were low, but...

A web browser is an integral part of the operating system of any modern user-based computer.

Sure, ship Windows without IE. Ship it without any browser, or for that matter http tool. The Microsoft implementation of the ftp command line tool should probably be removed too.

IE bites, but a browser *is* an integral part of an operating system. (I won't buy a cell phone without one!)

I just wish anti-virus was too.

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