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Comment Re:That is seriously an unhealthy amount (Score 1) 642

The daily reference intake for sugar states that added sugar should nto exceed 25% of calories.
For a 2000 Cal intake that is 500 Cal. The 7-eleven shitty "super gulps" and whatever exceed this
in a single serving.

If you ask me they should just go and make a law that a single serving cannot contain more than
50% of the reference intake. That way you can sell those stupid 5 pint "drinks". You just would not
be allowed to have half a pound of sugar in them.

So real freedom means NOTHING to you?

Obviously not, and it's a pretty sad state of affairs. Sugar is not nearly as big a threat to our society as the ever-growing segment of the population who pine for a nanny state to treat them like children and take away their choices.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 642

Drinks used to be served in smaller containers, and society survived just fine. Restaurants started using larger containers to exploit flaws in human psychology, allowing them to trick customers into buying more than they want or need. This is done to make more money, and to hell with the health of the general public.

Your free will isn't as all-powerful as you think it is. There are a great many people spending billions of dollars every year on cutting edge science to control your purchasing decisions, and you don't stand a snowflake's chance in hell against them. Only as a group can we fight back.

Thankfully, there are government nannies and other assorted busybodies who will save us.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Insightful) 642

Oh, one thing comes to my mind: They could allow for large servings under the condition that the glass/cup will have multiple mandatory photos of repulsively obese people on it. Just like with cigarettes and the warning labels on them.

Do the busybodies who are convinced they're smarter than everyone else, and hence, entitled to manage their lives, ever rest?

Comment That depends... (Score 1) 288

Do you want it installed today, or do you want to wait a week while I write up instructions and scripts and test them in a clean environment (that will probably need to be built from scratch)? And, of course, while I'm doing that I won't be working on the other projects everyone's been hounding me for. Is it OK to push the delivery for those back a week? Your call.

Comment Re:The google's way ? (Score 2) 234

We quickly found out that even with games that hadn't been in print in 20+ years and that frankly never sold worth a shit in the first place (we're not talking Doom here folks, we are talking those cheesy knockoffs and platformers and puzzlers) that when we found the owners the amount of sheer fucking insane levels of greed was beyond nuts. There were several wanting 4 and 5 figures up front NOT for the code, NOT for even the complete game, but just for the right to use the original shareware! And many wanted the rights to OUR code on top! The sad part is we also found that we could just go the Chinamart route and say fuck the IP bullshit and get it done that way.

Sounds like they gave you guys the "go away and quit bothering me" price. I might do the same thing if someone contacted me out of the blue asking me to sign over rights to something for them to sell, with the assurance, of course, that they "never expected to make any money" off it.

Comment Re:Doesn't work in the US (Score 1) 368

When American population just sits at home watching TV or playing video games, Europeans and especially Dutch tend to spend time together. Sit at cafes getting high, eat at a restaurant and have some fine wine, and socialize with people. The same is true for Asians and Australians too. And the American people introvert culture isn't a new thing that came with computers - they did this before geeks too. Sitting in front of TV watching mindless shows and eating TV dinners, alone.

Typical "Europe good, U.S. bad!" bullshit you find on Slashdot.

Comment Re:It's funny how big business works (Score 1) 172

TFA didn't say anything about the suit being over chip design. Apple claimed that "Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 copied the design of the Apple iPad in a way intended to confuse customers." I guess that means Samsung slapped an Apple logo on the back. That's the only thing I can think of that would confuse customers.

Comment Don't be married to Drupal (Score 1) 523

The best way to get hired is to have skills that are in high demand. I just searched drupal on and got 210 hits for the entire market served by Monster. I got no hits for the medium-size city where I live. That makes it a relatively small niche in my view. But if Drupal is the way you want to go, I would advise you to develop guru-level Drupal skills, so you can nail every question in a technical interview.

And regarding your lack of a degree, I don't hold it against a candidate when I'm looking to hire someone. The fact that someone is self-taught I see as a fairly reliable indicator of certain traits I look for in a developer. You can't thrive in this business long-term if you're not capable of learning and mastering new technologies on your own. People that can't do that end up working in the same cubicle at the same large company for 25 years maintaining some legacy system built with technologies that happened to be fashionable when they were hired right out of college.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 190

I'm not an apple fan, I like Linux. However all hardware manufacturers are guilty here not just apple.

However, few hardware manufacturers are as pious and self-righteous as Apple is.

Why aren't they using union workers in US plants, and complying with US environmental laws rather than China's much more lax laws?

If they did that, they could employ some of the poor 99%ers at the OWS encampments, who can't make payments on the student loans they took out to get degrees in filmmaking or women's studies.

Comment Re:Well there you go (Score 1) 1855

The prez just won his second term

my thoughts exactly

You must not be old enough to remember how popular George H.W. Bush was after leading the coalition that drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait in early 1991. That was a far bigger deal than this, and unemployment never went above 7.8 percent during his entire term. But go ahead and count those chickens if you want.

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